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12 "winter special fault", the 95% owners will know what to do! Sohu car has now come to the last section of the cold autumn, is about to enter the winter, the weather is getting cold, people know to wear thick clothes to resist cold. The same is true for cars, which are a great test for cars, especially in the north, where the temperature is lower. Owning a private car owners have been more and more in the winter, car will often encounter some practical questions, problems encountered many owners can call for help at a loss or directly to the 4S shop, in fact, in the usual course of car we should have to know more about the car, so we can also help the car more in emergency situations when touched panic is not blind to do certain things, even their own inspection or maintenance. The following master to give you a winter special big fault, I hope you can help owners. 1, the vehicle can not be started and noise in the car after a complete self check can start the vehicle, but sometimes the noise will spread some "kakaka", but also the engine does not start properly, this may be because the battery is too low to start the machine rotation weakness, this time only starting to turn to other the use of such vehicles to their battery charge, then the owners need to charge the battery or replace the battery as soon as possible. And if the battery power is sufficient, but still can not start the car, it is likely that the vehicle’s oil supply pipeline problems, the need for testing and maintenance through professional channels. 2, the speed of the winter temperature is much lower than in other seasons, after the start of the car idle than when other idle speed is also much higher, this is a normal phenomenon. At this time, the large circulation of the vehicle is closed, and the coolant is circulated inside the engine without passing through the radiator. Rapid increase in engine temperatures to achieve the normal working state, the process of raising the temperature of the water is what we called the car. If the cold car speed is too low, and a rapid decline, even lower than the normal idle speed, it is very likely that the solar term door needs to be cleaned, abnormal engine intake solar term door abnormal, now need to go to a professional maintenance shop for processing. 3, slow speed at low temperature in winter is accelerated through a car, one of the common faults, mainly for the car has just started soon, but in the need to speed up the time it appeared, pulling, a few minutes after the return to normal. This may happen spark plug too much carbon, is not sufficient to cause, such as water temperature normal fault disappears; or the spark plug or the ignition coil failure, performance of single cylinder or multi cylinder misfire, and fault alert lights. Suggest that the old car owners regularly check the spark plug, if too much carbon or excessive clearance, should be cleaned or replaced. 4, ABS fault lights appear in the winter of ABS fault light alarm, mostly car driving in the snow, and snow water wheel contact ABS sensor inside the connection and the magnetic induction coil is bad, cause ABS failure in self-test. In general after the snow is dry, the fault will disappear. If the alarm lamp is still out, you can go to the maintenance station to clean up the system相关的主题文章: