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2016 the fourth session of the China Contemporary Art Biennale reproduction of Beijing artists, compared to other people, always looking for some unusual and unique things, which power can help people better understand some or all things. Therefore, the transformation can be understood as a change from the inside to the outside, and can open a door to the world of human nature, ideas, fantasy and reality. We believe that art is the creator of change, a way to prove that humans know how to move forward. The fourth China Contemporary Art Biennale curator Sander orlandi? (Italy) in August 27, 2016, the fourth session of the China – Italy Contemporary Art Biennale, will be carried out in Beijing 798 Art District, three Beijing plastic factory culture park and MANET three exhibition. China Contemporary Art Biennale from the beginning of 2012, carried out every year in Italy and Chinese circulation, is the two oldest cultural interaction means the forefront of creation, before has been held for three sessions. The exhibition to the "transformation" as the theme, CO hosted by Beijing in 3 galleries, Taihe art space, Manet Art Gallery three exhibition hall. The east west across Beijing, consisting of seven different styles of exhibition space, a total area of about more than 3 thousand square meters. In the current increasingly sharp conflict of civilization, more than 90 Italian artists gathered, including the famous Italy artist Piero Glardi (Piero? Lucio Pozzi (Jilaer pedicle), Lu Qi Ou? Marco Bolognesi (Mark Pozzi), and Poloni (Chiesi?) Andrea Andre and Franco Mazzucchelli together?) (Francois Matsu Jiyeli? Nadeng Chinese), the famous artist He Yunchang, Yuan Gong, Li Zhanyang, Ye Yongqing, Shi Jinsong, Yu Xinqiao, Yang, in the context of globalization, sustained attention to art history and art and to promote social, political and human relations topic…… Here you can listen to the two ancient civilizations frontier dialogue, "is to promote the transformation of human past and grasp the future expectations, we have to support this expectation thick artists to" the main curator Mr. Wang Jingyi said, "and all the possible debate and discussion, this is the Italian contemporary art double exhibition of value and significance, it will be the basis for the establishment of prestige." The Italian curator Sandro hopes for the Biennale is "we believe that art is to change the creator is a human knows how to prove to the future advance." Biennale organizers will also sponsored by the director of Europe’s core art museum or the main person in charge of the "Chinese and Western Art Museum forum", discusses the "basic structure" of private art museum topics. Has confirmed the main management foundation, Dali Museum, Bilbao Guggenheim Museum and other five core art institutions or curators will participate in the forum. The Art Museum of the theme of the forum, the Arts Council Chairman Ms. cotton said: "Art相关的主题文章: