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Will the magic camera manufacturers sell mobile phone is the right path may be forgotten, camera and Kodak this brand image, as the former leader, now forgotten, brand logo and former patent only one value is not high. Even so, Kodak is still trying to operate the brand, rumors will release a smart phone in October 20th. As a cross industry transformation of new products, Kodak phones will be how many people look forward to it? Camera manufacturers to transform the phone is a bright way out? Talk about this topic today. A magic weapon? Camera manufacturers sell mobile phones is the right way? Digital camera market shrinking, the biggest external factors to be considered a rapid upgrade and improve the function of mobile phone camera. In this era everyone has a mobile phone, if the phone itself with a good camera function, there is no need to buy another camera. This also makes the camera manufacturers no matter how to update the product, in exchange for the market to shrink, just a difference in the rate of contraction speed. However, manufacturers can not give up this market, because even if the camera can not run the amount of products, there are still a large number of users just need to exist to serve these users have a good profit. So if the camera manufacturers to do the transformation of mobile phones, can restore the glory of the past and greatly improve the performance of mobile phone camera? Samsung Galaxy K Zoom camera and mobile phone is the best combination of a product we take a look at those cameras and mobile phones combined example. Nikon was the first to join the Android system on the camera, and now do not see the launch of subsequent products. Samsung is trying to combine the camera and the Android system, first introduced the Android camera card, later developed into a single camera is also using Android, but the most successful is Galaxy K Zoom mobile phone, this is the transformation of Android camera Galaxy Camera of a product, we actually can be regarded as a call the camera, the camera has a complete set of functions, including 10 optical zoom lens, 12.3 inch sensor, semi automatic and manual parameter setting operation, also has a unique high-speed continuous shooting, focusing on the camera function. And Samsung Android mobile phone configuration is also fully ported to this product. This is the camera and mobile phone combined with the most mature product. However, after the introduction of the two generation of products, there will be no follow-up products. CM1 is the product of mobile phone Matsushita imaging best, but could not go on the subsequent development of Samsung Galaxy K Zoom is not surprising, after all, Samsung is a mobile phone manufacturers, but also the camera department, so combine the two things have a seamless heavenly robe. The camera manufacturers launched mobile phones, Panasonic CM1 is one of the most watched, because the use of 1 inches of the sensor with 28mm F2.8 specifications of the lens, making the shooting component in the high-end camera level. In fact, I touched the phone, the person is very fond of, quality performance is also very good. However, due to the problem of network standards, and not listed in the domestic market. The second CM10, however, castrated the call and turned back to the camera.相关的主题文章: