Chinese entrepreneurs fund Cai Jianjun firmly believe that the power of innovation and growth 特命战队go busters

Chinese entrepreneurs fund Cai Jianjun: firmly believe that innovation and growth of the power of sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag behind false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Since the second half of the stock index shocks upward trend, the market activity rebound. For a quarter of the investment opportunity, the Chinese fund research and development department, deputy general manager of China Health Fund Manager Cai Jianjun said in the "Chinese fund Chinese wisdom wealth — the fourth quarter investment strategy", structural market opportunities for the future will increase, market activity will be improved. In the bond of attribute value stocks have full performance, will further the depth of mining belongs to the real growth of the shares of listed companies, concerned about the long-term changes in industry structure, the bonus system, value chain reconstruction brings investment opportunities. Cai Jianjun believes that last year’s bull market, in the final analysis is the economic downturn in the second phase of the birth of liquidity while superimposed leverage factors, the economic fundamentals are not the core factors affecting the stock market trend. In the future, China’s economy may be at the bottom of the L type for a long time, so the economic impact of the market is relatively limited, the core is to focus on liquidity. He believes that the current market liquidity easing marginal effect is diminishing but the stock is still ample liquidity state, therefore, a lot of structural opportunities in the market. Recently, underestimate the value of blue chip blue chips and PPP is the stock of hot money chasing. Cai Jianjun believes that short-term market investment opportunities will remain in these two directions, the high dividend underestimate the value of blue chips will be the first choice for the allocation of assets and other large institutions of insurance, and PPP is the direction of future fiscal policy force. However, he also pointed out that, in the medium and long term, it should be more concerned about the industry changes: first, focus on changes in the industrial structure. "We see a lot of private leading industry segments in the past few years after the brutal competition in the market, has done a good capacity to melt, such as vitamins, dyes, pesticides, such as LED chip industry this year there has been a boom high, products continue to raise prices situation. Many industries in the past few years to accelerate the integration of industry concentration rapidly improve, such a boom industry will continue to appear." He said that two is concerned about the changes in the industrial system dividend. He believes that the domestic market is still dominated by many state-owned system industry, which will provide sufficient soil to the private enterprises play the advantages of the system, the future of many state-owned enterprises dominated industry system still exist bonus opportunity; the three is to focus on the reconstruction of the industry value chain. With the continuous development of the society, especially the development of the Internet economy and the shared economy, it is necessary to go to the center, many mature industries are facing the opportunity of the value chain reconstruction. Cai Jianjun said that although in the past period of time, poor performance of growth stocks, but still believe that China Merchants Fund innovation and growth forces, emerging industries is still the focus of its investment. But the differentiation of growth stocks is an inevitable trend, the tightening of regulatory policies will be very conducive to the real growth stocks come out. In the emerging industry, he is relatively optimistic about the four directions: first, enterprise class internet. In the field of personal Internet, especially in the field of mobile Internet, China’s BAT has been the world’s leading companies, but in the enterprise level相关的主题文章: