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Autumn is really suitable for pregnant people? Sohu mother and daughter what season make the best? Many human reason is recommended in autumn, "the weather is pleasant for sexual intercourse, fruit fragrance easy to replenish nutrition." But experts point out that the fall is not the best time to create a pregnancy, and childbirth in the autumn is a lot of benefits. Experts suggest that pregnant and parturient autumn mothers to pay attention to according to the physical conditioning, avoid excessive tonic and bad mood. Foreign research shows that the autumn or early winter born children in mental and physical aspects are born more than other seasons, which in October ~12 months of birth is more significant. Infertility patients is higher in spring and autumn the chance of successful conception, better to raise employment. The fall in labor unlike summer sweat easily, to avoid the cold, the maternal gastrointestinal function is much better than summer. Because the listed fruits, nutritional supplements for pregnant women more fully, so better lactation. However, the winter is easy to get the child after the birth of the wind, the spring virus, are not suitable for childbirth. Folic acid is the first priority for the preparation of pregnant women should first add nutrition. Both husband and wife should give their "kaixiaozao" meal plan for pregnancy to pregnancy after 3 months, choose some green leafy vegetables, eat fruit to supplement folic acid. Women can avoid the baby tonic congenital neural tube malformation, and if the men folic acid level is too low, may also lead to reduced sperm motility, sperm concentration in semen decreased. The diet, not excessive fall tonic. It is recommended to eat pears, apples, grapes and other fruits, for a certain role to alleviate qiuzao. Easy to catch cold, fatigue, weakness of women during the day, may wish to eat a small amount of ginger, promote gastrointestinal motility. At this time to eat hot pot, spicy food. Many pregnant women often eat red dates, wolfberry conditioning. But eating too much, will delay wolfberry red dates. Because the red dates is warm, usually cook a dessert soup or two or three pieces can not eat a dozen black beans and medlar, do not eat together, so as not to affect the stool, and even nosebleeds. Prepare pregnant and postpartum to prevent the "fall" expert advice, don’t give yourself to build up the "task", and to relax, proper exercise, can go to the place of sufficient oxygen walking, climbing, physical reserves for pregnancy in advance. But it is best not to travel on the road, making people, so as not to travel around, after pregnancy more hard. Also note that the pregnancy preparation of emotion regulation is also very important, positive emotions are more likely to get pregnant, but also more conducive to fetal education, because pregnant women during pregnancy can lead to bad feelings after the baby is born, the delicate love sick. Autumn is the best season of birth, but maternal stuffy at home easily touch the scene "fall", exacerbate postpartum emotional problems. Families should pay more attention to maternal, attention can not only focus on the birth of the baby body, while ignoring the mother. Mother in postpartum should pay attention to adjust the mood, can micro-blog, should be concerned about the fun of bloggers and news, for heavy information problems, try not to touch the rough complain. In addition, the room is decorated with positive color cues.相关的主题文章: