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Lazy but more expensive oil changed not do it equal to the white cars practical hidden features to know one day in 2016, a small and old driver chat, said the master before changing the oil, the oil filter is not cheap, many are changing the oil and filter change. First, because parts are not easy to get the limit, two is the cost of energy saving province. Master that now advanced technology, manufacturing process of automobile lifting, filter can be used two times no problem, not the oil filter replacement habit has lasted, but this is really feasible? In fact, a lot of people are not clear, in the end why the size of the maintenance of the replacement of oil filter machine, today, we will give you talk about the oil and oil filter. What is the full name of filter and filter oil filter, role is to remove impurities in oil deposits, the oil supply parts clean, lubrication, cooling, so as to play the role of clean, eventually to extend the life of the parts. If the engine is the heart of the car, oil is the blood of the car, then the filter is the car’s liver and lung. Is it necessary to replace the oil filter to replace the oil the answer is very positive! Must be changed together! If you do not change the replacement of oil filter machine, the consequences are very serious. The term does not replace the filter, the filter blocked by sediment deposition, pollutants directly into the engine, wear parts. Replace the engine oil without replacing the filter, the filter will be recycled into the fresh oil circulation, so that the loss of oil. Now the car manufacturing process is good, does not mean that the filter can be attached with two times, and the automobile engine oil and filter more demanding, it does not change the oil, filter replacement, your oil change is white! Replace the oil filter method to start the vehicle about 1 minutes to make the oil flow, and then the engine flameout. Open the oil filler cap, oil filter and oil pan screw loose screw tool, will be placed in the sump oil pan screw, thoroughly loosen the oil pan screw out the old oil, until it does not flow so far. Tighten the oil pan screw, with cotton cloth to wipe off excess oil, the old filter (unscrew the pad of cotton burn), oil painting in the new sealing ring filter, tighten according to a clockwise direction. Add new oil from the oil filler, recommended dosage consult plus a good amount of appropriate, add after tightening filler cap. Restart the engine for 1-2 minutes, and observe the bottom screw and the filter is leaking, if leakage should be timely check processing without flameout, oil spills, the amount of oil in the oil foot check after flameout, added to the standard position (the midline position of the oil scale). How to choose a filter and really good quality of the filter not only affects the oil pump, lubricating oil of normal engine, and interface of the main oil passage may be due to poor sealing, caused by oil leakage, poor heat engine failure caused by failure, serious when will! Therefore, the selection of high-quality machine filter is very important. Generally can be identified from the following aspects: the appearance of the surface of the shell surface printing clear, and the surface texture is good, the factory is equipped with a protective bag, the interface is to protect the integrity of the grease seal. [structure] with a bypass valve inside, to ensure that any state has sufficient amount of oil supply. Inhibit reflux.相关的主题文章: