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On the semi annual report of four types of inquiries focused regulatory inquiry found five aspects – Beijing, China News Agency, Shanghai, October 14 (Miu Lu) Shanghai Stock Exchange (hereinafter referred to as the "Shanghai") 14 released the 2016 semi annual report information disclosure regulatory inquiry ", from the semi annual report of the situation, the first half of the year Shanghai part of production and operation of the company is still difficult stage, so the regulatory inquiries focused mainly on the semi annual report of four companies, in addition to the Shanghai stock market disclosure still exist five problems in information. Four types of companies to focus, once the letter Phi violation, and not significantly improved the company after the listing; face performance and operation performance were significantly different from the same industry trend of the company; the existence of improper accounting treatment of financial statements, cover the operating performance decline of companies suspected of mergers and acquisitions; pre existence "high valuation, high commitment of the company. The inquiry into the focus of the company a total of more than 180, the Shanghai Stock Exchange Company regulatory authorities have issued one of the more than 30 companies after the regulatory inquiry letter to ask all kinds of questions, a total of more than 600, and all publicly. The Shanghai Stock Exchange said that, overall, in the macro background of supply side reform and the adjustment of economic structure, the Shanghai stock company operating results in the first half of the overall smooth, the supply side structural reforms are bright. But at the same time, there are still some difficulties in the production and operation of some companies. Annual report in 2016 after regulatory inquiries, the Shanghai Stock Exchange found that part of the company’s semi annual report disclosure of the existence of some inaccurate and incomplete, affect the actual operating conditions of investors to understand the company and make prudent investment decisions. In this regard, the Shanghai Stock Exchange has urged the relevant companies in a timely manner to supplement corrections, mainly involving the following five aspects. One is the operating situation and trends in the industry do not match; the two is the business income and cash flow does not match; three is the territory of the same business performance does not match; the four is listed before and after the performance trends do not match; five is the use of funds and business activities do not match. From the letter of inquiry of the situation, to further strengthen the information for accounting treatment compliance, urge the listed company to the proper use of accounting standards, objective and accurate disclosure of operating results and financial condition, become the Shanghai Stock Exchange in the semi annual report audit work. Aiming at the problem of accounting information disclosure with the general finding, to focus on strengthening the post inquiries of the four aspects, including the confirmation of income is reasonable; cost allocation is reasonable; asset impairment is reasonable; confirm the long-term investment is reasonable. (end)相关的主题文章: