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Red Star over China | written in seven days on the eve of the conference – ICANN Sohu ICANN technology into the second day meeting (in fact, November 5th is the official opening ceremony), I continued to fly, pick the most interested in listening to. The first day of pure and fresh, second days on the right way. Nominally, ICANN represents the Internet more stakeholders, including the general public, including the various types of subjects. But in this conference, is the most simple feeling, you seem to have entered a small circle of brotherhood, be familiar with basic way. For example, if you are not familiar with many abbreviations, then you are really a sudden into strangers, each will feel strange. GAC (Government Advisory Committee) is the most but this is just for having heard it many times, NomCom, PTI, PDP, ASO, DNSO, CCWG, PSO, GNSO, ccNSOC, SSAC, ALAC, and so on, if you are not familiar with dozens of available abbreviations, as if you don’t know what the same surname and partners. Whether you are involved or not, ICANN is there, and hundreds of meetings are being held in an orderly manner. Whether you love or not, ICANN is a new governance model derived from the Internet, although too many are still groping, still test, still debate continued evolution, adjustment, but will become the main battlefield of the global network governance. So stay curious, stay interested, stay open, stay open, keep ignorant of the fool, listen and learn more. The seven day of the conference this marathon is just beginning, since you have come, will persist in the end, a full understanding. (to be continued……) · END · WeChat number: takes the observation to travel review articles: "Red Star over China | start a new journey network space research"; Red Star over China |ICANN in India is such a meeting相关的主题文章: