New game! little devil incarnate Aoba do not hurry down! 月丘うさぎ

"NEW GAME!" little devil incarnate Aoba do not hurry down! Japanese TV animation "NEW GAME!" adapted from the Japanese cartoonist to masataro original comic books. Once the animation works, it is loved by many viewers, became the representative of the July. Recently, "NEW GAME!" the official website announced the upcoming launch of the surrounding pillow. The girl turned to animation with a cool leaf shaking S devil, and Takimoto Hitomimi has become a white angel. Petite, double ponytail and long with a baby face, was often mistaken for a child. In the workplace due to wear suits, Iori mistaken mistakes make school uniforms. Such a lovely breeze leaves, would become a little devil! This contrast Meng is too much crime. There are certainly a lot of Indoorsman to fall leaves, but leaves no pillow or good. Not good at communicating with people, but with Takimoto Hitomimi looks sweet weapon would have become otaku hearts of the wife. The embodiment of the beauty of the day of the angel gives people a special sense of "abstinence". This can take the opportunity to bring his wife, home owners do not miss oh. Little devil and angel leaves rich official pillow covers beauty will be on sale in November, the price of 10800 yen (about 706 yuan). Let’s take a look at the views of users. "I’m dying, Aoba good adorable ah!" "It’s great to be rich and beautiful! I want to start." "Be sure to lie under them." "All my wings." "I must buy for my wife!" "I hope to complete the pillow, love this a strong woman." "NEW GAME!" tells the story of a group of young girls working in the game company. After graduating from high school, entered the company made their production was a game of "wind leaf, Eagle leap there and as the game designer of the light Yagami met. Start working under the vision of the leaf, while for the first time the work was confused, but in the light headed by senior members of the personality’s help, she grew up a little bit.相关的主题文章: