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Consider the modi closure of India River Pakistan revenge "water war" triggered at any moment? Original title: India river closure modi considered retaliation for Pakistan "water war" triggered at any moment? According to the interface of network reported on September 28th, Indian Kashmir at an Indian army base in September 18th 4 by militants, killing at least 18 India soldiers killed. India accused neighboring Pakistan should be responsible for the escalating conflict between the two countries. Modi, India’s prime minister, is considering retaliation for downstream Pakistan by controlling the amount of water in the upper reaches of the India river. The India River upstream region according to the Reuters reported on September 27th, Tuesday, India and Pakistan in India summoned to inform the High Commissioner Abdel · Brazil (Abdul Basit), two from the Pakistan controlled Kashmir has been imprisoned because the suspect is accused of helping the attackers across the border in kashmir. In a statement, the Ministry of foreign affairs of India said two people were arrested in September 21st by local villagers, one of whom has admitted and confirmed that there are 1 militants in Pakistan. However, Pakistan denied involvement in the attacks and urged India to conduct a rigorous investigation. Sources said India’s prime minister, Modi, decided to use the maximum amount of water in the upper reaches of the India River to retaliate against Pakistan, including speeding up the construction of new hydropower stations along the river. It is reported that India will increase the amount of water in the upper reaches of the India river will be used to harm the lives of downstream Pakistan. Because of the downstream of the Pakistan people from drinking water to agricultural water depends on this section of the Himalaya mountain snow melt rivers formed by the. Pakistan India said this provocative acts in violation of the "India River treaty" (Indus Waters Treaty, IWT). The purpose is to put pressure on Pakistan, while the transfer of Indian Kashmir Muslim people’s attention, so as to relieve internal unrest. The India river flows through the area (Indus River) schematic diagram of the Christian Science Monitor "said, a senior Pakistan official said, if the violation of India" India River treaty "words, may be the outbreak of the" war between the two countries "(water war). Pakistan’s prime minister Nawaz · Sheriff (Nawaz Sharif) foreign policy adviser Aziz (Sartaj Aziz) said that if India increased use of the upper reaches of the river, Pakistan will offer arbitration to the India River commission. The committee is responsible for overseeing the implementation of the India River treaty. But if India unilaterally abrogate the treaty, Aziz says Pakistan will see it as a "war act or a hostile act against Pakistan."". New Delhi defense research and analysis (Insitutute of Defence Studies and Analysis) researcher Utam · Sinha (Uttam Sinha) said, "if the India treaty, not only would violate India’s own interests, but also detrimental to India’s international image and identity. Because of India and its.相关的主题文章: