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Chengdu mobile on the 15 day of a real user one-way down within 30 days if you go through or not for the mobile user name system, 15, Chengdu mobile will be to your "action", the implementation of a single stop. Chengdu Daily reporter learned from the Chengdu Mobile: 13, Chengdu Mobile has 20 thousand are using mobile business but not for the real name of the user issued a reminder SMS notification, the 15 day will be the real thing". It is understood that next week, Chengdu mobile will also be on the non user name gradually be one-way down. According to Sichuan Mobile said, January 1, 2017 will be a real user start pin. 30 days after completing the one-way shutdown in September 1st this year, Chengdu mobile through the old user not real name SMS or phone, announcements and other ways (not registered identity information or registration information is not complete) Notice, the period from October 1, 2016 to October 31st have yet to go through the procedure of registration of users in batches of one-way stop (you can answer the phone and short MMS, but cannot call, send SMS and MMS traffic). Since the notice has been issued to Chengdu mobile, has more than 60 members of the real name registration, but there are still tens of thousands of users have to handle. Chengdu mobile relevant responsible person said, within 30 days after the one-way stop, the user can apply for the real name system as soon as possible, after the completion of the phone can be restored to normal use. If not handled within 30 days, the phone number will be officially shut down, can not answer and call. Within 60 days after the official shutdown, if the user has not yet handled the real name system, the number will be moved for recycling. For those who need to apply for the real name system procedures, the current Chengdu Mobile has opened online and offline two channels. Among them, the line of the channel can be distributed in the city of Chengdu in the city’s more than 3 thousand business hall for processing, only need to bring the owner of the master’s ID card, and hold the machine can handle. It is understood that the recent period of time, more and more users to the operating room for the real name system procedures, in order to avoid the business hall queue, Chengdu mobile have set up special seats for real name system procedures in the hall, the scene at the same time also arrange special personnel shunt. However, the use of non identity cards for registration of special users, only to the city’s more than and 20 designated outlets for processing, the specific network address can be found through the mobile phone customer service call 10086. At the same time, Chengdu mobile also opened its own official micro signal on the real name registration system functions. As long as I upload my ID card on the front and back of the WeChat, as well as I hold the ID card photos, you can complete the registration. Sichuan mobile next year to non users sales it is understood that the current Sichuan move in more than one city including Chengdu, have launched a non user registration and compensation. From September this year in the province did not register identity information registration or incomplete information users via SMS or telephone, announcements and other ways to fill the old user without real name registration notice, will be played on November 30, 2016 has yet to go through the procedure of registration of users to stop the service (fire, police, medical emergency, traffic accidents and other emergency alarm except), and service will start on January 1, 2017 when相关的主题文章: