SUV strategy second bullet Changhe q35 tonight will be listed 巴雷特m82a1

SUV strategy "second bomb" Changhe Q35 will be listed first small SUV Q25 tonight was issued, the full force of Changhe Automobile passenger car market in August 28th, Changhe brand models second SUV, slightly higher than the Q25 Changhe Q35 positioning will usher in the market. The online auto market from Changhe Automobile Dealers noted that the official Q35 pre-sale price of 66 thousand -8.9 yuan, the shop has a car. Compared with Q25, Q25 Changhe were adjusted in appearance, interior. The price of cars Changhe Q35 official pre name pre price (yuan) 1.5L manual version of the 6.6 version of the 7 cool colorful manual automatic cool version 7.7 manual version 7.9 automatic Hyun Hyun Chi Chi version of the 8.5 edition of   8.9: automatic dazzle; tab: the online auto market in addition to Q35   Changhe consistent in the grille styling and Q25. The other part of the front face of the big difference with the Q25. The car headlight shape is more concise, the interior is straight daytime driving lights, fog lights and bumper on both sides of the vertical plate underneath the steering lamp position are also changing. Q35 uses a Changhe design of floating roof, and the roof and body of different colors. The tail of the other can be used to describe the "compact", located in the small SUV Q35, Q25 is much smaller than the light, central less chrome trim, tail LOGO replaced the Changhe English letters. The interior, although Q35 and Q25 are Changhe brothers, but with Beiqi Saab X35 more similar. If you really say where there is a difference, that is, air conditioning outlet slightly different shape. Q35 center is 7 inches of suspended touch screen, the bottom of the multimedia control and air conditioning button in the area, the shift of the location of the handle of the two slightly. The length and width of Changhe Q35 high respectively 4286*1815*1665mm, wheelbase 2560mm, size and not much difference between Beiqi Saab X35. Power, the new car is equipped with 1.5L naturally aspirated engine, the engine maximum power of 85kW, maximum torque of 148Nm. The transmission system is matched with 5 speed manual and 4 speed automatic transmission.相关的主题文章: