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Shenyang announced 918 before the Japanese invasion files – China news network, September, Shenyang (reporter He Yong) this year, Japan launched the "918" incident, the 85 anniversary. The day before, Liaoning city of Shenyang province archives for the first time to the public in 14 volumes of Shenyang County Office of archives, including the "918" incident in Japan in Fengtian province illegally set police organization, carry out the information collection, plunder of land resources and immigration aggression content organization. Records show that in Japan by the Japanese military, the Japanese police and the South Manchurian Railway and other forces, continue to strengthen the collection of intelligence for the Fengtian region, Japan launched the "918" incident, occupation of Northeast China and even Fengtian provide information quickly. In September 17, Changchun newspaper (reporter Li Jiading) by the Ministry of foreign affairs and the Ministry of defence jointly organized the "people’s land — the treatment of abandoned Japanese chemical weapons in China Documentary Exhibition" in Jilin on 17 Changchun opening. This documentary exhibition by nearly a thousand pieces of pictures, in kind, to expose the use of chemical weapons by Japanese invaders crime scene shows the real work of Japanese acws. The chemical weapons abandoned by Japan in China still endanger the lives and property of the people in some areas of China, and destroy the ecological environment. Jilin is the jacws disaster area, found only in Dunhua haerbaling area jacws number accounted for so far in China has found that more than 90% of the total. Treatment of chemical weapons abandoned by Japan in China working group leader and assistant foreign minister Kong Xuanyou introduction, China asked Japan to face up to and reflect the history of aggression, continue to follow the "Convention on the prohibition of chemical weapons and the relevant provisions of bilateral memoranda, thorough destruction of abandoned chemical weapons in china.相关的主题文章: