Female college students declined to prevent fraud propaganda was cheated on the night rewrite攻略�

Female students declined fraud leaflets on the night to college students cheated the telecommunications network fraud prevention propaganda and popularization of knowledge and skills, September 27th, jointly organized by the Shaanxi Provincial Public Security Bureau, Xi’an Municipal Public Security Bureau, Chinese newspaper, Xi’an Electronic and Science University, Xi’an terrabetter information technology limited "network security and personal information protection special exhibition" that kicked off in Xi’an. Yesterday was the last day of the exhibition, held at the Changan campus of the Shaanxi Normal University, the Chang’an University Weishui campus. See the police – "give tour leaflets said" I will not be deceived, are college students’ results on the night when "in Shaanxi Normal University Changan campus, Xi’an City Public Security Bureau Changan Changning Road police station police chief Li Peng said:" many college students have chances, that he is a college student, how will be cheated? In fact, this group has become the focus of fraud fraud object. Once we were in college propaganda anti fraud knowledge, to a female college student leaflets when she declined, saying ‘I am a college student, not being cheated ", the results of the second day early in the morning to the police station. It turned out that in the night to prevent fraud leaflets, she was deceived by phishing sites in the online shopping." Lee introduced the police, there had been a junior boy, was phishing site refund fraud, cheated before and after 5 times, each time 5000 yuan, a total of $25 thousand. It is understood that the students in the online shopping, received a message sent by a liar and phone, said the quality of the product is a problem, to give him a refund. Then guide him to operate, let him enter the bank card number and verification code, and the verification code to inform each other. The "to refund" bank card counter deducted 5000 yuan, after contact with the other is the wrong operation, then the operation time to retire. In this way, every time that the money will be deducted before the wrong hit, the results even buckle 5 times. In fact, in third when he realized that wrong also reported, but in the process of report is a liar call of persuasion, then cheated fourth times, fifth times. "Although college students to accept higher education, but the social experience is shallow, poor awareness of prevention, easy to be a liar eyeing. So long as involving bank cards, identity cards, must stay in mind, not luck." – Guards see Tour "in September 28th, a university occurred kidnapping telephone fraud case" at the Chang’an University Weishui campus tour, the campus security office director Wang Encheng introduced, in September 28th, a university in just happened together telephone fraud: a third boy’s mother received a call from a mobile phone number son the telephone, said her son was kidnapped and demanded a ransom of 100 thousand yuan, or kill. The students learned that the situation, the boy quickly to call, but the phone has been unable to get through. Parents quickly let relatives to the school to find, or did not find. Later learned that the boys more than 10 points a night before going out. "The police Jizhen means to identify the boys in a hotel near the school. Later, the boy’s roommate finally got through the phone, after asking him to know that he fell asleep in the hotel, so did not answer the phone. And then, to his mother, still cheat相关的主题文章: