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Fan Bingbing completed the end of the final goal: follow the weight loss of 12 pounds of public concern Li Chen Sina micro plastic, see more exciting original content! Original title: Fan Bingbing Li Chen: with the weight loss of 12 pounds to keep young and beautiful Chinese Fan Bingbing morning news (reporter Guan Shuliu) 13 days, along with the director and screenwriter Liu Zhenyun Feng Xiaogang [micro-blog] to Shen propaganda "I am not Pan Jinlian" Fan Bingbing [micro-blog] let the fans exclaimed: "how to lose so much!" The extra baggage sector bid farewell to Fan Bingbing, and then satisfied for 2016 was not satisfied. Many people criticized her vase, she took the International Film Festival best actress. Li Chen said to lose weight in order to accompany the [micro-blog] fitness saw Fan Bingbing in the hotel yesterday, reporters make fun of her, according to the current figure has not called "fan Pang". She laughed heartily. "I haven’t tried to lose weight for years. Li Chen goes to the gym every day, almost two hours, I hope a little more time together, I think I can try, is to accompany him, together with fitness." Fan Bingbing ridicule: he has a strong desire to coach, he will show the ability to exercise. I think, really go to the gym slimming effect is obvious, and later I tried to stop dinner, it becomes you see this." Said the dispute is the actress Fan Bingbing to face the red carpet at the end, you will find that she is taking a high female star in the circle. She called the vase for many years, but in 2010 with the "Guanyin Mountain" won the Tokyo Film Festival Best Actress, she is the first class a International Film Festival Best Actress actress. This time, by virtue of "I’m not Pan Jinlian" at the San Sebastian International Film Festival in Spain, she said, "I have fulfilled my dream in advance!" "I didn’t live in Tokyo. I made a movie with Jang Dong Gun in korea. Li Yu [micro-blog] (director) and Fang Li [micro-blog] (producer) go to Tokyo film festival. At that time, I think, will not be like some domestic awards like, you went to the prize, you did not go there is no prize. I got a call from Li Yu that day. I was lying on the tatami room, Li Yu said you win, now I can’t remember how I was from a lying position jumped up!" Fan Bingbing said, on the international award winning long face! This time to go to Spain’s San Sebastian Film Festival, a year from the world’s 5000 films in the selection of the 17 finalists, there are a number of finalists or Oscar seed, when I was all out with the director to play. When I finally won the prize, I thought it was great. I hesitate to speak English, finally said the Chinese, I feel very proud." Because take several years to the Cannes Film Festival red carpet, Fan Bingbing Tucao no work to walk the red carpet embarrassed". This time she said: "I’m a feeling of exaltation upon fulfillment, but also from the red carpet of the head, walked to the podium at the red carpet. So many people say that I am walking the red carpet this thing, if you imagine yourself to that goal, every day have a desire to walk the red carpet is a very proud thing." Feng Xiaogang is often angry with others相关的主题文章: