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Import meat price advantage is obvious impact on domestic pork prices? Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lags behind false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! National average price of three yuan of live pigs to $16.76 kg, compared with yesterday fell 0.04 yuan kg, down by 0.24%. According to the latest data show that in September 28th the national development and Reform Commission, two sows nationwide sales price 39.29 yuan a kilogram, the chain fell 0.46% last week; hog price 18 yuan per kilogram, the chain fell 2.49% last week, small data understanding, the recent pork price has been widespread decline in hog prices, especially since the Mid Autumn Festival has a large decline after June of this year fell two yuan; and sow prices since the beginning of September has been in decline, with most areas of China, hog prices gradually bottomed out, a lot of people moving from the bar to be up pressure of the heart. However, from various angles, the analysis shows that the current pressure bar is still too early to rise. As we have mentioned many times before, many people can not live a thousand dollars to compensate for the pig bar this psychological barrier. There is Guan Yu, Jieting missing errors. We have to look forward. Remember, once more than 850 pigs, when the reinforcing bar must be cautious. Recently, the purchase price of corn has come out, the kind of direct harvest wet corn, 35 more than the water, starting from 0.53 yuan; drying a few days can be estimated to be about 30 water, and $0.58; baked into the water, a total of 0.7 yuan a pound. In short, corn is really cheap. Therefore, fill the pig, at least the cost of feed this little problem. Ious prices edged up. Overall, with the temperature down, how much consumption up. Now go out at night to see the market, barbecue stalls basically disappeared. Do not roll up the string of mutton, stewed pork and sauerkraut sales was gone up. Here in Liaoning Hot pot sales hot pickled. Returning to the pork began to become people’s will point the dishes. Imported meat price advantage is obvious, will inevitably impact on the domestic pork prices. In particular, the growing number of pigs in the United States, prices continue to decline, China’s willingness to export strong. According to the U.S. Department of agriculture’s latest report shows that the United States currently has 70 million 850 thousand pigs, a record high in 1866, the recent price of pork, the avalanche, hog futures has hit the lowest level in 10 years. The lowest volume of pork, beef and recently open to the Chinese export trade, will influence the Chinese market pork price trend. In the depth of China’s economic integration into the world economy, the era of economic globalization, there should also be an international vision pig. China is a big country of pork production and consumption. Constrained by the resources and environment, the output can not meet the demand. The international market is rich in resources, advanced management and advanced technology, high quality and low price products. As a useful supplement to the domestic market, a large number of imports of pork in the future will become the new normal. Domestic pig industry need to improve management, technical level, reduce costs, improve the competitiveness of more efforts. Low efficiency, high cost, high pig price, by public opinion to push the high price of pork push the model, the risk is growing相关的主题文章: