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Investor Futures: coke coking coal Masukura up callback buying market review: Tuesday JM1605 contract Masukura up, zhongpan closed at 566.5 yuan per ton, up 6 yuan per ton, positions for 124296, Masukura 5122. The J1605 contract sharply higher, zhongpan closed at 657 yuan per ton, up 15.5 yuan per ton, positions for 144696, Masukura 29532. Fundamentals: the spot market: the domestic coking coal market steady running. Tangshan coking coal (A11S1V27G85Y18) price at 635 yuan ton, unchanged; Jingtang coking coal (S0.6V25A9G85Y18) 610 yuan / ton, unchanged. Coke spot market basically flat. First grade metallurgical coke Tangshan quoted 720 yuan (to the factory tax price), flat; Tianjin port quoted 815 yuan (including tax price), flat. Two grade metallurgical coke Tianjin port quoted 750 yuan (including tax price), flat; Tangshan offer 690 yuan (to the factory tax price), flat. News: (1) reporter from the Guizhou Provincial Energy Bureau, last year, through combing the determination of coal mines shut down the list, issued by the coal industry merger incentive fund management approach and other measures, Guizhou will be the normal production and construction of coal mine number from 1704 to 800 within the control of the coal industry, intensive, information technology, mechanization, the level of production safety has improved significantly. (February 3rd 2), director of the Shanxi Provincial Coal Industry Bureau to two cattle in the province’s coal work conference, 2016 is "13th Five-Year" at the beginning of the year, the province’s coal work to deepen the reform, innovation driven, actively promote the "two control, two excellent two, namely the total control, improve the" layout optimization; optimization of inventory control increment; improve quality, improve efficiency, promote the whole industry to get rid of the predicament as soon as possible, promote the "six type" change. Summary: Tuesday JM1605 contract Masukura up. The mainstream price of coking coal remains stable in China. In addition to the state-owned mines, most of the mineral and coal washing plants in Shanxi, Changzhi are still on holiday, and the quality coke is expected to rise in price. Operation suggestion, 560 buy machine below, stop loss refer to 550. Tuesday’s J1605 contract went up sharply. Domestic coke spot market has a strong situation, affected by coking coal resource tension, some coke enterprises in North China on the downstream part of the customer coke prices rise. Operation suggestion, relying on 640 partial transactions. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

瑞达期货:焦炭焦煤增仓上行 回调买入   行情回顾:周二JM1605合约增仓上行,终盘报收566.5元 吨,涨6元 吨,持仓量为124296,日增仓5122。   J1605合约大幅走高,终盘报收657元 吨,涨15.5元 吨,持仓量为144696,日增仓29532。   基本面:   现货市场:国内焦煤市场持稳运行。唐山焦煤(A11S1V27G85Y18)到厂价报635元 吨,持平;京唐港焦煤(S0.6V25A9G85Y18)610元 吨,持平。   焦炭现货市场基本持平。一级冶金焦唐山报价720元 吨(到厂含税价),持平;天津港报价815元 吨(平仓含税价),持平。二级冶金焦天津港报价750元 吨(平仓含税价),持平;唐山报价690元 吨(到厂含税价),持平。   消息面:(1)记者从贵州省能源局了解到,去年,通过梳理确定煤矿关闭名单,印发煤炭行业兼并重组奖励资金管理办法等措施,贵州将正常生产、建设煤矿数量从1704处控制到800处以内,煤炭产业集约化、信息化、机械化、安全生产水平明显提升。(2)2月3日,山西省煤炭工业厅厅长向二牛在全省煤炭工作会议上表示,2016年是“十三五”开局之年,全省煤炭工作要深化改革、创新驱动,积极推进“两控两优两提高”,即控制总量,优化布局;控制增量,优化存量;提高质量,提高效益,推动全行业尽快摆脱困境,推进煤炭“六型”转变。   小结:   周二JM1605合约增仓上行。国内炼焦煤主流价格保持稳定,山西长治地区除国营矿外,地矿及洗煤厂多数仍在假期中,优质主焦有涨价预期。操作建议,560下方择机买入,止损参考550。   周二J1605合约大幅走高。国内焦炭现货市场有走强态势,受焦煤资源紧张影响,华北地区部分焦企对下游部分客户焦炭价格提价。操作建议,依托640偏多交易。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: