Hedge funds aggressively increase gold holdings-rewrite攻略�

The hedge fund massive holdings of gold – reporter Zhang Zhenhe recently in the hedge factors under the support of the international price of gold continued to be strong. The Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) released the latest weekly report shows that hedge funds and other large institutional investors last week substantial holdings of gold and silver gold net long positions, including positions has reached the highest level in three months. Market analysts believe that in the global economic and financial market outlook is uncertain background, gold hedging properties and yen outstanding varieties still have short-term investment potential. Gold net long positions increased CFTC the latest weekly cot report shows that as of February 9th week, hedge funds and other large institutional investors to increase holdings of gold and silver net long positions. Among them, gold net long positions increased by 37291 compared with the previous week in futures and options contracts to 72912 contracts, the highest level for more than three months. Silver net long positions over the previous week increased by 12512 contracts to 36642 contracts. Last week, the international price of gold was $1262.20 an ounce a year high, on Thursday also had its biggest one-day gain since the financial crisis in 2008, the whole week rose to 6%. The main reason is the market to deepen the global economic worries, and the dollar index fell sharply. In addition, gold holdings of the world’s largest gold exchange traded fund SPDR Gold Trust on Thursday increased 2%, since December 18, 2015 the biggest one-day increase. The latest data show that the stocks of gold stocks index hit the highest since last July’s closing point. Gold producer Barrick gold shares soared 65% this year; Newmont mining rose 44% this year, as the S & P 500 index the best performing stocks. According to a Bloomberg poll, industry analysts have sixth consecutive weeks of gold bulls. RJO futures market strategy division Haber Cohen said, the price of gold may be some profit taking, the market traders can take a rest, to re evaluate the present stage of how to operate. In the gold market is expected to take after finishing, will rise. Gold prices continued to rebound good prospects at any time over the years. German commercial bank analysts said the next few weeks Foley, gold may be out on US $1260 per ounce and $1300, but if there are some profits, also not surprised the market, the United States and the European stock market rebound, US retail sales gratifying, may boost the popularity of risk assets, the dollar rose also suppress the price of gold. The advantage of hedging is still obvious market analysts also believe that, although earlier this week, the gold market may be adjusted, but once the fall, a large number of investors will seize the opportunity to play, because the gold hedging is still very obvious advantages. Incrementum AG fund manager Stow Feiler said, after very few investors foresaw gold will have such a range of prices, many funds have missed. They really want to play now, therefore may bargain buying. To some extent, gold has been overbought, but the bull market began to appear such circumstance is on

对冲基金大举增持黄金   □本报记者 张枕河   近期在避险因素支持下,国际黄金价格持续走强。美国商品期货交易委员会(CFTC)最新公布的周度报告显示,对冲基金等大型机构投资者上周大幅增持黄金和白银多仓,其中黄金净多仓位已经创下三个多月以来的最高水平。   市场分析师认为,在全球经济和金融市场前景尚不明朗的背景下,黄金、日元等避险属性突出的品种短期仍具有投资潜力。   黄金净多仓位大增   CFTC最新周度持仓报告显示,截至2月9日当周,对冲基金等大型机构投资者大量增持黄金和白银净多头寸。其中,黄金净多头头寸较此前一周增加37291手期货和期权合约,至72912手合约,为三个多月来的最高水平。白银净多头头寸较此前一周增加12512手合约,至36642手合约。   上周,国际金价曾一度触及每盎司1262.20美元的一年来高位,上周四还曾创下2008年金融危机以来的最大单日涨幅,全周累计涨幅达到6%。主因是市场对全球经济忧虑加深,且美元指数大幅走低。   此外,全球最大的黄金上市交易基金SPDR Gold Trust的黄金持仓量在上周四大增2%,为2015年12月18日以来最大单日增幅。最新数据显示,美股金矿股指数创下去年7月份以来最高收盘点位。黄金生产商巴里克黄金今年股价飙升65%;纽蒙特矿业今年涨幅达44%,成为标普500指数表现最佳的成份股。   彭博调查显示,业内分析师已经连续第六周看多黄金。RJO期货市场策略师哈勃科恩表示,金价可能出现一些获利回吐,市场交易员可以稍事休息,重新评估现阶段该如何操作。预计黄金市场在稍事整理之后,还将上涨。金价持续反弹的前景好于多年来的任何时候。   德国商业银行分析师弗利其表示,未来几周金价可能上探每盎司1260美元甚至1300美元,但如果出现一些获利了结,也不会令市场感到意外,美国和欧洲股市反弹,美国零售销售数据令人欣慰,都可能提振风险资产人气,美元上涨也压制金价。   避险优势依然明显   市场分析师还认为,尽管本周初黄金市场可能会出现调整,但一旦回落,大量投资者会抓住机会进场,因为黄金的避险优势依然非常明显。   Incrementum AG基金经理斯托菲勒表示,此前很少投资者预见到黄金会有这样幅度的上涨,很多基金都错过了。他们现在非常想进场,因此可能会逢低买入。一定程度而言,黄金已经被超买了,但牛市开端出现这样的情况是很正常的。市场已出现了转向,金价的表现确认了新牛市的开始。   iTrader高级商品经纪人巴鲁克表示,上周金价收高于每盎司1230美元的水平就表明了黄金市场维持住了大部分的动能。他强调,即使金价跌至每盎司1180美元的水平也依然在上行动能中。由于大部分投资者会逢低买入,因此金价将能够维持住每盎司1200美元的水平。   道明证券商品策略主管梅莱科认为,美联储主席耶伦上周的证词对黄金市场甚至整个金融市场而言都是很大的变化。一开始市场只计入了今年可能不会有加息的影响,但耶伦现在的讲话使得负利率也变得有可能。光是说出考虑负利率就已经是很大的转变,如果美联储对加息继续态度不明,经济数据继续表现糟糕,那么市场会对美联储进行负利率有更多预期。美元下行无疑将支撑金价。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: