Cat Live Chat You Cant Avoid Practice, Says Iim-b-utc行家

How should I prepare for CAT 2010? How can I improve my Quant, VA and DI LR? These are some of the questions that rock the mind of MBA aspirants. To help all CAT 2010 takers, had launched its special series of Live Expert Chats last month under the topic of ‘Strategy to crack CAT 2010’. The sixth chat of the CAT 2010 live chat series took place on Saturday, September 25, 2010. The expert of the Live Chat was Vivek Gupta, CAT expert, author and IIM Bangalore alumnus. Vivek Gupta has over eight years of experience in managing business operations,analytics, sales and marketing in organizations like Coca Cola, American Express and an internet startup, where he was Vice President Business Operations and Strategy. Due to his urge to benefit the society, he has associated himself with coaching and counseling students. He has authored two books, ‘Crack the CAT’ for MBA aspirants and ‘Be the CEO of your life’ for MBA career options. Prior to his MBA from IIM Bangalore, Gupta did B. Tech from Delhi College of Engineering. Vivek is also an expert of, where he contributes preparation material, questions and answers for Quantitative Ability section and articles on strategies for CAT 2010. The Live Expert Chat received immense response from the CAT 2010 aspirants who directed their queries to Vivek. He answered all the queries and shared his experience of cracking the CAT exam and getting through one of the most sought after MBA institutes. Following are the excerpts of the Live Expert Chat: Q. Nisanth: Sir, how many mock tests should I take every week? A. Ideally 2-3. It is like a football match, you need to regain your energy before the next match. So if you took a test today, let your brain muscles relax for at least 1 day and take the test after 2 days. Never take 2 tests in one day, it would exhaust you. Q. Indu: I am not a heavy user of computer. Would I find difficulty in taking CAT 2010. My coaching centre tells me not to worry ? A. Hi Indu! You should be comfortable in reading on internet. Learning how to press mouse to answer a question is very easy and that is why most coaching centres tell you not to worry. So, I agree. It is easy to take test online. The difficulty is in reading online. For example, Reading Comprehension involves lot of continuous reading. You are habitual to use pencil to mark important words but you can’t do the same online. So there is a big shift in habit. Similarly for some other questions also, same problem can happen. Q. Avinash: Hi sir, I haven’t taken any coaching for CAT. Is it possible for me to crack it? A. Coaching is just an alternative to self study and not a necessary condition to crack CAT. If you are scoring 98 percentile in mock tests, you are doing better than 99% of students who have taken coaching. Coaching helps in making you regular, gives you class competition and the faculty can clarify your doubts as and when they come. But if you can develop all the above 3 things yourself, you are good without coaching also. Q. Mohini: I have also applied for IIFT, FMS and XAT exams. What is the basic difference between these exams? I am doing holistic preparation for Quant, Verbal & DI-LR and also practicing essay writing & brushing basic concepts. Please suggest. A. The basic preparation remains the same, but there are some specific sections/ questions asked in different exams. XAT asks questions from higher mathematics, whereas FMS and IIFT stick to questions till Class Xth course. FMS is heavy on asking direct vocabulary questions which are not asked in other exams. So go through few of Mock papers to get more idea about pattern of these exams and fine tune your preparation accordingly. Q. Naveen: Hello sir! During mock tests, I have noticed that many of the options in Quant and the VA section are very close. I often get confused among the two and it takes most of my time. How shall I overcome this problem? A. Hi Naveen! I will request you to solve a question as if you do not have any answer options in front of you. So take it as a paper with no options and you need to write the answer yourself. This approach helps in these situations. Q. Payal: Sir, I am working and preparing for CAT at the same time. Till now I did not get time to prepare seriously. Just went through basics. Now as the time is approaching, I shall be seriously preparing. Please suggest me a routine for studying. A. No Worries. CAT tests your aptitude, which takes time to develop in your brain. So instead of finishing one section in one week, study all 3 sections everyday. So about 3 hours devoted to each section/day is good. In Quant, try to do one chapter/ day. Revise the theory and solve 25-30 questions. For Verbal, read newspaper for an hour and rest of the time for other topics. Similarly, one topic/day in DI. This way you can still revise/finish your course in about 25 days. Q. Srinivas: Hi sir, most of the time I find the RC passages to be too tough and hence find it difficult to understand the questions and answer them. A.Srinivas, the only solution is to practice, as you can’t avoid this. Read editorial pages of newspapers along with some English books. Q. Narayanan: Sir what should be my strategy for attempting the questions during CAT? How much time will be ideal to spend on each question? A. Narayanan, though there would be 60 questions in CAT, you would be attempting at least 40-45. So essentially you dont have 150/60 but 150/45 question to time ratio, i.e. you will have 3.5 minute/question. Q. Puneet: Sir, which is the most important topic in Quant section? I am good in Algebra and geometry but weak in the others. What shall be my strategy? A. It is difficult to pick one topic, but Number Theory, Time Speed and Distance (TSD), Functions and Equations and Circles in Geometry gets lot of questions if you see last 10 years trends. If you are good in Algebra and geometry, you have to do Number systems and TSD for sure. If you are falling short of time, leave permutation combination and probability. Q. Sabya: What kind of questions are generally asked in the DI-LR section? A. DI-LR generally has 3 types of questions. First is reading data and solving questions. The data is presented as graphs, line charts, pie charts and many more. Second is Logical reasoning questions which are like puzzles. Third one is data sufficiency questions. 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