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Reference-and-Education If you have trees on your property, it is essentials to take good care of them. Well-shaped and healthy trees, on the one hand, enhance the beauty of the landscape, and on the other hand, they increase the value of your property. Highly skilled tree care contractors can help you to keep your trees in good shape. In most cases, a tree care company would consist of a group of certified arborists, licensed workers and professionals who can service trees. Here is a list of services a professional tree care company can offer you: 1.Tree Trimming Tree trimming refers to the cutting of specific branches from a tree to ensure its growth and healthy development. A licensed arborist is the right person to perform tree trimming service, as it involves making careful cuts across the trees branches while ensuring minimal damage. 2.Tree Thinning One of the most basic services that a tree care company can offer is Tree thinning or crown thinning. The process involves removing elongated branches and stems from the crown of a tree, for increased light penetration and air movement throughout the tree. Thinning is often performed to give a proper shape to dense trees and enhance the beauty of a landscape. 3.Tree Pruning Pruning is a procedure adopted by arborists to control growth and remove dead/diseased wood from a tree. Properly done pruning can significantly improve the health of a tree and stimulate the growth of new flowers and fruit buds. 4.Stump Grinding When a tree is cut down either manually or as a result of a natural disaster, there still remains behind a stump or a portion of the trunk. A stump not only looks ugly, it is also a magnet for insects and fungi. Tree care and service companies can help you get rid of such unsightly stumps through Stump Grinding. The process completely disintegrates the stump, giving your yard a leveled and neat look. 5.View Clearing This is an extremely useful service for real estate developers and property owners. Through various techniques including pruning and tree removal service, you can create a beautiful view in and around your property. A well-developed landscape can instantly increase the value of a property by many folds, and also makes for a pleasant and enjoyable sight. 6.Brush Clearing The process of brush clearing is similar to view clearing, the only difference being that brush clearing is adopted mainly for forests and large open areas. Experienced tree contractors can selectively remove and trim trees, shrubs and wild plants in an area to give it a cleaner appearance. Brush clearing not only keeps a land healthier but also plays an important role in wildlife preservation. 7.Fire prevention: Most tree care companies in Oakland, Hayward, El Cerrito, Albany and San Leandro offer fire prevention services. This involves removing pine needles, cones and debris, trimming dense foliage, managing combustible vegetation around your house and clearing the yard, in order to reduce the risk of fire hazards. A tree service professional will also trim trees touching the roofs and chimneys, and help in developing fire safe landscaping around your house. 8.Crane Service – A crane service isnt always needed, but it may be necessary if the trees in your yard are very tall and cannot be trimmed or thinned by simply climbing up a ladder. All professional tree care companies have a crane and other equipments at their disposal. Improper trimming or pruning can cause considerable damage to a tree, or worse still shorten the trees life. Therefore, you must always choose experienced and certified tree service contractors for your landscaping needs. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: