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PROSURVIVAL NET Speedway Forum presents: Raceway Park, Cup Standings, Stewart Tony Vs. Busch WHO WON? Chicagoland USA Speedway? Will Busch have a chance to retaliate against Stewart? I hope so. There have been eight previous Cup races at Chicagoland, one per season from 2001-2008. All races have been scheduled for 400 miles; the 2006 race was extended by three laps due to a green-white-checkered finish. I cant wait for the next one… What happened at the Coke Zero 400 Daytona I Speedway – 2009 Daytona 500, elite league? Was it a black Nascar race? The Raceway World agrees: Busch was going to take the race until it all ended abruptly only a few hundred meters from the checkered flag. Ouch, that hurts. Some people think Kyle Busch got what he deserved Saturday night in the Coke Zero at Daytona International Speedway. Many a Nascar fan will remember that day Cant wait until the next one. Will Busch have a chance to retaliate? Well, it may not be that simple. Ultimately Busch himself lost that race. Is there a worse way to lose a race? Any way you look at it 2nd place is the first loser. Whether or not Busch deserved it is a matter of opinion. I think that it just made for a better race and the results will make the next one possibly even more intense. Busch and Tony Stewart were team-mates last year. But that camaraderie is on a short leash at this point… Who Won? RANK + -DRIVER POINTS 1–Tony Stewart2719Leader 2–Jeff Gordon2539-180 3–Jimmie Johnson2525-194 4–Kurt Busch2414-305 5–Carl Edwards2317-402 6–Denny Hamlin2302-417 7–Ryan Newman2235-484 8–Kyle Busch2234-485 9–Greg Biffle2215-504 10–Matt Kenseth2201-518 11+1Juan Montoya2187-532 12+1Kasey Kahne2166-553 There is sure to be a lot of controversy concerning this one. Isn’t controversy good? At least Eminem thinks so. There are two sides – those who feel Busch attempted to block Tony Stewart one too many times, or those who feel Tony Stewart charged too hard without considering Busch’s safety. And there are those who just vote for the under-dog. But would YOU consider the other driver’s safety when the checkered flag is in view? I think not. Had Busch predicted Tony’s actions he would have been a sure winner, if he hadn’t tried to block Tony at that last stretch – he would have taken it. It’s just smart racing. And I believe Tony was the smarter racer. The standings confirm it. In that split second, Busch made a serious mistake and it cost him the race. It is easier said then done, and Busch certainly gave a good fight. My kind of race! Fans will be talking about this one for a while. TV will replay it incessantly, they may even make it into a Nascar .mercial with Busch climbing out of a destroyed car after a slam into the wall a few hundred yards from the finish line. I’d hate to be there but it is not like it hasn’t happened before… It was just like the one four months earlier at the Talladega Nascar Speedway involving Carl Edwards and Brad Keselowski. With over 100,000 or so in attendance, many had booed Busch earlier, but when it was over, many of them probably felt that soft cushy part of their heart, and felt a little bad for Busch going from "Hero to Zero". "It’s just a bad situation," Stewart said. "It’s not bad because we’re put in a bad position. It just is what it is. I don’t feel as much gratification from winning this race as I probably should, I guess, because I don’t like the way the out.e happened." Jimmie Johnson, said:: "There is nothing to do to stop it," Johnson said. "It’s plate racing. We’re damned if we do, we’re damned if we don’t. "They’re just racing. Tony didn’t mean to dump him. Same thing with Talladega. It’s just the product of restrictor-plate racing and every time we leave these restrictor-plate tracks, there’s questions about how we can keep from having the big wreck and things like that, and you just can’t. When you run plates and run wide-open all the way around the track, situations like this .e around." I’m just glad it was an exciting race. And I think that it increased Nascar Love all around. I hope the next one is just as exciting. Richard Acunto ProSurvival Net LINKS: Are you looking for Nascar News? Check out PROSURVIVAL NET for all he latest. Prosurvival net allows Drivers and Riders to connect on the Internet. We cover everything from Truck Nascar to Cup Standings. Check out our articles .ing soon on Car How To, Nascar News ., Nascar Pocono, International Raceway, macgors, Stewart Tony, Superspeedway,Speedway In Indiana, Nascar Series articles. 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