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UnCategorized Change surrounds us and is unrelenting. All a person needs to do is walk into an electronics store and survey all the new gadgets available for purchase. We are constantly bombarded by advertising and marketing telling us of the improvements and benefits of new products and services. Reflecting back on the past and comparing 20 years ago to now, you find that some almost unbelievable changes have occurred. And you adapted well to those changes, didn’t you? When you are faced with change it is often an initial response to resist that change. You become comfortable with the old way, why mess up a good thing? That resistance is an interesting phenomenon. Think of some change in your life that you are dreading and resisting. Write down all the reasons why you are hesitant to make that change. After you make that list, categorize each reason as being either emotional or rational. What did you find? Participants in my leadership development programs do this exercise using ideas they choose that would help them improve their productivity and effectiveness. They overwhelmingly find that they hesitate or resist making those changes because of EMOTIONAL reasons almost exclusively. After they think about all the reasons why they should make the changes, they build a strong supporting RATIONAL case for making those changes. Change is a constant in the Universe. From the beginning of time change has been there challenging everything that exists. Adapt, and what exists continues to evolve. Adapt not, and the species disappears. We have ample evidence of that in the Mastodons and many other species of plants and animals that perished when they could not adapt. And yet, there are other species who have adapted from ancient times like the cockroach. I once had a business owner who told me that he didn’t need to develop better leadership skills because he was 2 years from retirement. I felt immediately sorry for him because in his leadership position he had quit learning and growing as a person. When a leader falls into stagnation like that, the vision of the future is damaged, the desire to make a difference in the company is wounded, and the organization is shown a model of mediocre leadership. Over time, that will be the demise of any business. Personally, I was very intimidated by technology advances in the past six or so years and felt that I didn’t want to spend the time to learn how to use those capabilities in my work and life. That was a huge mistake but I recognized it and changed my attitude. The change in technology and the advancement of knowledge creates great opportunities and is the promise of a better future. Change holds opportunities for creating wealth, better lives, and more profitable businesses. Not changing is the kiss of death to a business and a person’s life. Many people claim to be victims of events they experience in their environment. Whatever happens isn’t their fault. They did it to me! I was meant for greater thing but I’m stuck in this job, with this spouse, with debt, you come up with the excuses. I’m here to tell you that you always make a choice in how you interpret work and life events and happenings. You choose to see and act on the opportunities or choose a fearful action such as dismissal or avoidance. You choose to embrace change or you choose to shrink from it. You choose the path you walk in your life journey. When faced with change, what do you choose? Do you choose to give it a try and see what you can learn or do you ignore it and hope it goes away (ignoring is a choice too)! In my life I’ve witnessed and participated in literally hundreds of thousands of changes. Think about that! In the past rock and roll music was sinful. The American dream was a two car garage home with married parents with two children, one a boy and the other a girl. Transistors were manufactured one at a time. Transistor radios manufactured in Japan was the new "in" technology. A computer with 64k of memory was a hot piece of revolutionary merchandise. Traveling by airplane was a luxury only the well to do could afford. Credit cards were used only by executives in big organizations. This list of changes is immense. What is the message? We have made hundreds of thousands of changes in our lives already. We are masters of change! Are you resisting some change in your life that rationally would make a huge positive difference? Be honest! Write it down and then ask yourself why you are resisting the change. Then develop a rational case to embrace that change. Move beyond the emotional excuses that block or prevent you from embracing change. Remember how you were successful embracing change from the past. You are a "Change Master" and can make any change you desire. Resistance is futile! About the Author: Joe Farcht is the founder and president of Leadership Advantage, Inc. His purpose for living is to develop and coach leaders, executives, managers, and supervisors to new levels of performance and success in their work and life. He is the author of the book Building Personal Leadership: Inspirational Tools & Techniques for Work & Life. Learn more at Leadership Advantage, Inc. . Please contact Joe at [email protected] or at 602 996-1802. Article Published On: 相关的主题文章: