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Home-Schooling Students getting anxious about the possible questions that could appear in the final CBSE question paper is quite normal. While studying for the final CBSE examinations, students usually keep in mind the format of the questions that have a higher weightage and the probability of being asked in the exams. Therefore, in order to score exceptionally good marks in all the subjects the students are advised to customize their answers according to the subject and question they are tackling. To help all you students out there who are to appear in their CBSE exams in the near future, here are a few tips on how customize your answer for each subject. " Maths – One simple mantra to score cent percent marks in Maths is to the keep the calculations uncluttered and accurate so as to arrive at the correct answer. While attempting the CBSE question papers online for Maths, student should first demarcate space on all the pages in the answer sheet for rough work. This will enable students to keep a track of the calculations they have performed to arrive at the solution. Whenever in doubt, students can re-check their calculations from any stage and be confident of their answer. Also, while a attempting the CBSE question paper for Maths, student should write down all the in-between steps in the answer. This will help students fetch some marks for the steps even if the final answer is incorrect. " English & Hindi – For language subjects the key is to build a very good .mand over the basics of the language and develop a sound vocabulary in order to achieve your dream score. Unlike other subjects like Maths, Accountancy etc, scoring high marks in language subjects is relatively difficult. Therefore, students should not be over ambitious and just focus on attempting their CBSE question paper well. While attempting the reading section in the CBSE question paper for the language subjects, students should first read the unseen passage carefully. Once through with a thorough read, students should then start answering the questions asked from the passage. Whereas, while attempting questions from the text-book section in the CBSE question paper, students should try to answer in "to-the-point" format and stick to the prescribed word limit. " Science – Students should not .mit the mistake of cramming concepts for a subject like Science in order to score great marks in the final exams. The key to excelling in CBSE question paper for Science is to understand and memorize concepts and processes well. Students should try to supplement their answers with neatly drawn and clearly labeled diagrams. This will help students explain the concepts thoroughly and enable them to score those extra marks in CBSE question papers. " Social Science – While attempting the CBSE question paper for Social Science, students should not write mindlessly lengthy answers in order to meet the desired word limit. Rather, students should concentrate on writing precise and .plete answers. There is a .mon notion that writing lengthy answers in Social Sciences can help students score good marks. However, this statement does not hold true. Therefore while attempting CBSE question paper for any of these subjects, students should keep the following points in mind and customize their answers accordingly. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: