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Business Among various creatures that have a good relation with human beings are the monkeys; these animals have a long historical associations that have all been mentioned in some of the religious books such as Ramayana. This creature is so popular that every child has knowledge about it. Since the past, it is the passion of the people to tame animals. However, there are also people who love to be keep monkeys and domesticate them. Being naturally so naughty and playful, this creature has caught the imagination of the people with its nuisances. Gone are the days when people used to share the intimacy with this creature. But now these animals have be.e huge source of nuisance particularly in metropolitan cities with their nuisances they have fully made the people anti-monkey There are various ways how these creatures can turn into your potential enemies. For instance, suppose you came out from your work and found the fruits and vegetables you kept outside have all gone missing. And vegetables in your garden are all torn up; finding these things what would be your initial reaction. Definitely, you would have been suffering from huge monkey menace that has to be properly dealt unless there will be a lot of losses .ing on in your way. In some areas where monkeys are found in group, these areas can be potentially more prone to monkey scare and threats. However, the amount of damage caused in the villagers is more severe and huge as .pared with those in cities. It is often seen monkeys giving troubles to hundreds of travelers, shopkeepers and school going children. There are many cases where one can find the mention of harms caused to people by monkeys. The Government has also read a lot of articles or reports mentioning the menace of monkeys and looking the increasing trend of monkeys nuisances the Government has been taking certain special measures to control the population of monkeys. There are also .panies that are providing services of preventive measures adopted by the people. Among such services the most popular one is the anti-monkey spikes that are usually installed at the roof of the building. Monkeys out of scare of being harmed looking the pointed spikes installed over the roof do not .e to the buildings. Monkey menace is not only found in India but it has be.e an issue for all living far and wide extending too many foreign countries as well. In India these group of monkeys are found mostly in the areas where they get to have some of fruits and other edibles. Particularly at the closer proximity of temples and markets place, most of the monkeys prefer to stay since they can have ample of edible things thrown to them by people. There are certain responsibilities to be shared by people when it .es to the various causes of monkey scare among people. The first thing is the more you feed them the more they would .e to you. So it is better to not provide those fruits or any other edibles nearby your houses. If you are generous enough you should feed them at the far or distant places which are isolated from busy market place or residential areas. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: