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Dental-Care Having heard so much talk recently in the media about Invisalign and their invisible braces I decided to visit an Invisalign dentist. London is home to many of Europe’s finest dentists and best equipped dental surgeries, and this makes looking for an orthodontist in London a fairly straightforward task. I had a look online to find a local dentist able to offer the Invisalign treatment, which was fairly easy. All of the Invisalign dentists seemed to offer a great service, and having chosen one I made an appointment for a preliminary checkup to see whether I would qualify for the teeth alignment process which they offer. I was keen to find out for myself what exactly is involved in the process, how long it would be likely to take, and how they .pare to alternative treatments, such as those offered by dentists in the past. As I am not a teenager, (very far from it!) I would be very anxious about wearing traditional metal wire braces. Although teenagers aren’t fond of them either, somehow at that age you can get away with it easily enough, because so many other people of that age are also wearing them. But as you get older you be.e more aware of your appearance, especially in the world of business. So whilst I was fully aware that my teeth were hardly Hollywood style, I would prefer to put up with overlapping teeth, crooked teeth and gaps than wear a very obvious metal brace. Especially when the average period of time needed to wear a metal brace, even during your teenage years, is three years. So when I arrived to meet the Invisalign dentist in London I had plenty of questions. One of the first things I wanted to know was whether I would qualify for the Invisalign treatment. A cynical part of me assumed that everyone would ‘qualify’ and that the dentist would be happy to take on anyone, regardless of the state of their teeth or their suitability. However, I was surprised to hear that there are many reasons why both the dentist and the patient may decide that the Invisalign treatment is not suitable. Dentists may not consider the treatment suitable for some people on either health grounds, or based on the amount of treatment needed. For minor work alternative treatments are available, and in more extreme cases it may be necessary to carry out other treatments, either before, after, or instead of the Invisalign teeth alignment process. After an examination of my teeth the dentist felt that my teeth and gums were in a healthy condition, and that this meant that I would be able to qualify on those grounds. He did suggest that there wasn’t a great deal wrong with my teeth, and that the process could easily correct those, and that there really wasn’t any other option available to me. The problems I have are due to the fact that once my full set of adult teeth grew through I still had four milk teeth left, which meant my teeth grew fairly crooked. I also have five wisdom teeth (I have to be different don’t I!) and so my teeth are slightly overlapped in places, and a bit crooked. The dentist said that these imperfections, some of which mean that I tend to bit my cheek a little too often for me to enjoy a hot curry, could easily be corrected through the wearing of the braces. He estimated the treatment would take about eight to ten months, which amazed me. I didn’t realise just how much quicker Invisalign braces are able to carry out the teeth alignment process. On average treatments are .pleted between a year and eighteen months, which effectively cuts the treatment time in half. In the second part of this article I will describe how the Invisalign dentist in London was able to take a mould of my teeth, and what happened next. If you’re interested in Invisalign, then I hope to offer more advice in helping you make an important decision. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: