A Guide To Making Customized Sapphire, Emerald And Ruby Rings-wh60a

Jewelry-Diamonds A variety of gemstones like, rubies, sapphires and emeralds are used in rings apart from the very .mon, diamonds. There are a while range of options available in the market which are called preset rings. However, in spite of the easy availability of the preset rings, a lot of people tend to go for customized sapphire, emerald or ruby rings. Anyone can make the customized rings and the best part is that it can be done in an affordable way. The rings this way cost way lower than the preset rings. If you also want to get your hands on affordable rings, then the best way is to go ahead and buy the gemstones like rubies, sapphires and emeralds and use them to make your customized rings. When you set out to make the customized gemstone rings, you will need Some ring settings. They have to be chosen according to the gemstones you are using. Also, you need to determine the size of the gemstones you are using. The settings should suit the size of the gemstones and vice versa. A pair of needle nose pliers A set of gemstone tweezers. After arranging the above mentioned things you should place the gemstone, right in the center of the prongs with the help of a pair of tweezers. Make sure that the gemstones fit properly inside the settings. Once it is done, you need to take a pair of needle nose pliers and crimp one prong at a time, over the gemstones. Simply, position the pliers bottom tongue at the bottom end of the ring settings. You should place the other tongue on the top of the prong. Carefully, apply some pressure on the prong and bend it on the surface of the gemstone. You have to tighten every prong with a diagonal movement. You have to continue the process, till the time you make sure that each of your single prongs is properly tightened. You have to move diagonally so as to make sure that the gemstones do not fall out, while tightening the ring setting. This way you can create your own customized rings. The customized sapphire, emerald or ruby rings are very suitable for formal occasions like engagements, weddings and anniversaries. Also, you can make customized rings as gifts for some special women in your life. All it takes is some time and some efforts, nothing more than that. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: