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Travel-and-Leisure Who says that it is important to spend vacations or honeymoon at the exotic locales of countries? Beaches and islands can be equally more adventurous, romantic and exciting. Spending time with nature is one of the best pleasures that one can get. The fresh air and secluded atmosphere is much better than the traditional hustle and bustle of busy city life. A romantic vacation means peace. There should be no one to disturb you. After all you are out with your life partner to spend one of the most romantic moments of your life. Seychelles, an island located in Africa plays a perfect host if you are planning to spend time with your family or your lovey dovey. According to a recent research it has been revealed that there has been an increase of 8% in the travellers on a yearly basis. It is because of Seychelles that it is ranked among the sixth most popular destination in South Africa. Thus, the data gives enough hints that Seychelles is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world when it comes to visiting the best islands in the world. Surrounded by cool waters and beautiful greenery Seychelles is truly a wonderful island that occupies a land area of 455 kms. The 115 archipelago islands are just enough to fulfil your desire of roaming around the islands. The climate of the place on the other hand makes it just the perfect place to chill out. May to October is the time when most of the when the weather is cool and the sea is more lively and enthralling. You will feel the chill in the air when the blowing of breeze at a speed of 37 kms per hour. It will certainly drive away all the stress from your body by helping you to release all the tensions. On your arrival to Seychelles you will be greeted with a warm reception by the local inhabitants of that place. Here, you can find people from all type of cultures. Many people from different countries had settled here and as a result Seychelles became a mixture of various cultures. It is also due to this reason that people of various religions live in harmony to each other. Houses in Seychelles give a broad idea about the Seychelles culture. Steep roofs and wide verandas allow you to feel comfortable while enjoying the scenic beauty of nature. You can also find houses that are roofed with coconut plantations. Throughout the year, Seychelles is in a festive mood. Anytime you visit there, you will surely be an audience to an exciting celebration. Currently, Seychelles is busy organizing the festival Seychelles Round Table Regatta where numerous sports competitions and cultural shows are to be conducted by local artistes. This event will take place at the Mahe Island. The world Tourism Day will be held at the end on 27th September. The month of October will mark the celebration of the Hindu Religious Festival Deepavali that will be held where prayers are held for Goddesses Lakshmi who is regarded as the God of happiness. When it comes to residing in Seychelles you can get some of the best accommodations. There is no dearth of accommodations here. You can easily book some of the best Hotels in order to make your Honeymoon in Seychelles a really wonderful experience. Guest Houses and five star hotels are found in abundant number here. The facility of online booking even allows you to book a room of your choice where you can enjoy comfort and luxury at affordable prices. You can select from a wide variety of hotels like Fregate Island Private Luxury Resort, Maia Luxury Resort & Spa or the Banyan Tree Resort according to your convenience. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: