A new pattern of crime like a variety of network black ash industry is urgently needed to era 7470d

A new form of crime variety   network "black ash industry" to eradicate the media — people.com.cn original title: Media: a variety of network crime "black ash industry" to eradicate the comic / Gao Yue "flower chanting" Trojan horse "cash", using the brush single platform spot fraud, network marketing…… In recent years, the high incidence of criminal cases in the Internet, a wide range of new types of crime, not only to bring challenges to the criminal law, but also to the application of electronic evidence to bring problems. This year, Zhejiang various types of network fraud, illegal fund-raising and other new crimes increased significantly. As of May this year, the province’s prosecutors handling illegal fund-raising fraud and illegal deposits from the public to reach 102 cases, involving the number of 183 people, an increase of more than 74%. Most of these crimes present the phenomenon of network, many victims, involving a huge amount of money, involving a wide range of areas, a serious violation of the people’s property safety and legitimate rights and interests, with particularly serious social harm. Illegal fund-raising is the trend of network in April 7, 2016, Hangzhou Longyan Agel Ecommerce Ltd by the Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of Xiaoshan economic investigation investigation on suspicion of mlm. At present, the police have arrested the chairman of the board of directors and the legal representative of Long Yan Huang Dingfang, Huang’s wife and daughter, the company’s core management more than and 20. Police, Long Yan electricity providers through the establishment of the Internet investment platform, the introduction of investment in financial products, known as "no matter how much investment, 35 days back to this". The company to order the first single "Chinese tea" to become a member, order second or single members to obtain high rebate, to lure investors, to many provinces, city is not a specific object to absorb a large number of public funds, the use of new membership funds as old members paid dividends, in order to maintain the company operation. Hangzhou Longyan Agel Ecommerce Ltd was founded only a year, on suspicion of illegal deposits from the public more than 10 billion yuan, the operation of the electricity supplier website has a membership of more than 20 people, the distribution of more than 1 million people, the country’s more than and 30 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions. As with the Hangzhou dragon company, behind the attractive rebate is suction gold trap terrible: each recharge 10 thousand yuan, can obtain oil costs 15 thousand and 600 yuan, the monthly return of 1200 yuan, and the card can get 200 yuan — this is Wenzhou’s first large-scale network entity interactive mall mall square meal with high amount of recharge rebate activities under the guise of illegal fund-raising to the public. In the case of illegal fund-raising, Wenzhou Jie purchase Agel Ecommerce Ltd chairman Hu Fangyao, the legal representative Chen Changda, chief financial officer Li Fanhua, suspected of financial fraud, Teng Xiaobiao, Yang Fengxia and other 24 people on suspicion of crime of illegal deposits from the public, are to prosecute. The case involving up to 6 million yuan. Telecommunications fraud, network intellectual property crime, a large number of Internet gambling, and network supervision, judicial organs are facing Difficult miscellaneous diseases. In view of the severe situation of network crime prone, Zhejiang public security organs always maintain a high pressure situation crackdown, set up a special agency to carry out combat training professionals, and actively promote the comprehensive management of departments, to create a good network platform)相关的主题文章: