After graduating from North Canton, over 40% are willing to go to Chengdu and other new line (video)

After graduating students fled North Canton over 40% would go to Chengdu and other "new line" fled North Canton ", students are willing to go? Flee North Canton or is becoming reality. The day before, a direct hire APP released data show that in 2016, only 36% of the graduates wish in the north of Guangzhou Shenzhen, in 3 years ago, the proportion is 51%. At the same time, Hangzhou, Chengdu, Wuhan and other "new first-tier cities" the attraction of talent is rising rapidly. In selecting, the Internet has become one of the most sought after nearly two years of graduating students in the industry. The average expected salary is 4421 yuan economic situation is having a profound impact on young people’s career choices. In the macroeconomic downturn in the background, the national average expected graduates salary fell by 5.6% compared with last year, 4421 yuan. Compared with 2015, to attract more graduates engaged in "talent is entering the industry, only IT Internet and finance; including machinery manufacturing, energy and chemical industry, traditional industry, the proportion of expected inflows decreased. Not only reduce the salary expectations, employment goal city also change. In 2016, 36% of the graduates want to go north of Guangzhou Shenzhen, 15% less than 3 years ago, 51%; up to 44% of the graduating students hope to choose second city, an increase of 8% over last year. In Hangzhou, Suzhou, Qingdao, Chengdu, Wuhan, Nanjing as the representative of the "new first-tier cities", the attraction of talent is rising rapidly. 2016 graduates expect to enter the top three segments is in the field of e-commerce, Internet banking and O2O, the three together accounted for 32.7% of the total. This is the three largest Internet Co field of talent demand at present, entry-level jobs more. From the trend, the O2O industry is the attractiveness of culture and entertainment industry more than IT software and other traditional popular areas, attracting more young people, is the 95 after verification for the adaptive consumption upgrade and intimate new outlet. The data also show that in the Internet industry to enter the graduates in 40.7%, the first choice of large enterprises more than 1000 people; there were 21.4% and 23.1% of the graduates in 500 – 999 and 100 – 499 of medium-sized enterprises. The formation of Internet "new forces" what Internet Co are more welcome after 95? According to the students on the platform of different companies active search, active view, active delivery and communication behavior, the APP statistics of the Internet Co for graduates attractiveness index, the higher the index that the company of the graduates more attraction. Despite experiencing varying degrees of challenge and crisis, at least at this stage, BAT is still with the powerful strength and volume, maintained the highest attraction to the graduates, there are multiple advantages compared with other Internet Co. While the domestic main vertical field "unicorn" startups, is to launch the crazy old manufacturers to catch up, attracting a large number of 95 after the entry. In 2016, in the process of grappling with manufacturers, successfully entered the 5 "unicorn", the top ten, the common technology and data driven, and spared no expense and launched the war for talent and hire war manufacturers. Interestingly, these 5 companies each?

应届生逃离北上广后 超四成愿去成都等“新一线”“逃离北上广”后,大学生愿去哪?“逃离北上广”或正在成为现实。日前,某直聘APP公布的数据显示,2016年,仅36%的应届生希望在北上广深工作,而在3年前,这一比例是51%。同时,杭州、成都、武汉等“新一线城市”对人才的吸引力正在迅速攀升。而在择业选择上,互联网成为近两年应届生最追捧的行业之一。平均期望薪酬为4421元经济形势正深刻影响着年轻人的就业选择。在宏观经济下行的背景下,全国应届生的平均期望薪酬较去年回落了5.6%,为4421元。相较2015年,能够吸引更多毕业生从事的“人才正流入”行业,仅有IT 互联网、金融等;而包括机械制造、能源化工在内的传统行业,期望流入的比例均有下降。不仅薪酬期望降低,择业目标城市也出现变化。2016年,36%的应届生希望到北上广深工作,比3年前的51%下降了15%;高达44%的应届生希望选择二线城市工作,较去年增加8%。以杭州、苏州、青岛、成都、武汉、南京为代表的“新一线城市”,对人才的吸引力正在迅速攀升。2016年应届生期望进入的前三个细分领域依次为电子商务、互联网金融和O2O,三者共占到总数的32.7%。这是目前互联网公司人才需求量最大的三个领域,入门级职位也更多。从趋势上看,O2O行业的吸引力正在下降,文化娱乐产业则超过了IT 软件等传统热门领域,吸引着更多年轻人,验证的是95后对于消费升级新风口的自适应和亲近性。数据还显示,在想进入互联网行业的应届生中,40.7%首份工作选择1000人以上的大型企业;分别有21.4%和23.1%的应届生选择500—999人及100—499人的中型企业。互联网“新势力”形成究竟哪些互联网公司更受95后欢迎?根据应届生在平台上对不同公司的主动搜索、主动查看、主动投递和沟通行为,上述APP统计了互联网公司对应届生的吸引力指数,指数越高说明该公司对应届生的吸引力越大。尽管正经历着不同程度的挑战和危机,至少在目前阶段,BAT依然凭借强大的实力和体量,保持着对应届生的最高吸引力,较其余互联网公司有倍数级优势。而国内主要垂直领域中的“独角兽”创业公司,正在对老牌大厂发起疯狂赶超,吸引着大量95后的加入。2016年,在与大厂的拼杀过程中,成功进入前十名的5个“独角兽”公司,其共性是技术和数据驱动,并且不惜重金与大厂展开人才战和挖角战。有趣的是,这5家公司各自抢占了细分领域中,最热门技术岗位的应届生吸引力头名,如算法工程师、云计算工程师等热门岗位;其中蚂蚁金服、今日头条、知乎等“独角兽”公司名列前茅。从吸引力的增幅上看,2016年应届生吸引力指数增长最快的公司是蚂蚁金服,增幅高达37.4%。数据还显示,获得互联网企业主动反馈的应届生中,70%的学生毕业于985或211高校。同时,接近一半人的学历为研究生或博士生。 (沈婷婷)编者注:该视频与原文无关,仅供扩展阅读 企业挑应届生 主要看“气质”?相关的主题文章: