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UnCategorized This remake of a classic will have CGI and live action in the film. Johnny Depp will star as the Mad Hatter and Anne Hathaway will play the White Queen. Helena Bonham Carter I think will do a great job as the Red Queen as she looks and has the temperament to pull it off. This Tim Burton film will obviously be darker and more twisted than the original Disney version. That is Burton’s way with almost all of his films. It may not be as twisted as the video game "Alice" but will still not be as friendly as the the cartoon version. There is definitely room for a lot of creative cinematography with the whole film being a dream sequence. A relative unknown Mia Wasikowska will play Alice, from here pictures she really captures the innocent unaware look that Alice should have. Hopefully Burton will get the most from his Australian actress in her big debut. Crispin Glover from the "Back to the Future" series as Ge.e McFly, is playing the Knave of Hearts. He has always been kinda of creepy and I think Burton will roll with that. It will be interesting to see what route Depp takes with the Mad Hatter role. Will he go bonkers and act super goofy, or will he play the subtle sly insanity that is more frightening. He just played a insane role as Sweeney Todd and did a fine job at that. Linda Wolvertoon is adapting the screenplay which is worrisome. The best screenplay she has done so far was Lion King, and not much else. She worked on the "Teen Wolf" and "Ewok" TV series which is not a good sign. Hopefully Tim Burton oversees and makes appropriate adjustments to the script to fit his dark nature, that fans want to see in his films. The cinematographer Dariusz Wolski worked on Eagle Eye and Sweeney Todd and did a marvelous job on those movies. There is also a giant Art and Visual Effects department working on this film so you know it’s going to have great CGI creatures and sets. Michael Lantieri has worked on films such as Lemony Snicket’s: Series of Unfortunate Events, The Polar Express and other great films. Paramount should provide a big enough budget for the special effects department to make this the best Alice in Wonderland film. The film is not due out until March 5, 2010. Hopefully they bump up that release date a little sooner. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: