Ancient home the Ming Dynasty banned officials in the office of the late Qing Dynasty can be staged restorator

Ancient home: the Ming Dynasty banned officials to buy a house in the late Qing Dynasty can be staged – recently, the real estate once again become the focus of discussion topics. As one of the most important property and people’s life of the house has always been of concern bound together in a common cause. In the feudal society, the rulers in order to facilitate management, mostly to restrict the flow of population, thus forming a one thousand years of history "Qiutianwenshe, first ask the neighbors" system, namely in the house and buy a house, to ask people and neighbors to. With the continuous development of society, more frequent mobility. In the period of the Republic of China, the real estate registration and the bank mortgage policy of Shanghai made the new features of the real estate transaction. 1 old people and sellers ask neighbors to buy in ancient times, because of the needs of life, will have a real estate transaction, but overall is not so frequent and norms, in the feudal society, the rulers for management purposes, there are some restrictions on real estate transactions. The Western Han Dynasty established, around the Han Emperor Liu Bang’s wife empress LV Zhi Lu ruling, the court issued the following provisions: "Yi to buy a house, not the house, not allowed." ("two years law? Family law") of this provision means that you want to buy a house, you can, but on one condition: you must buy a house next to your existing house. Why would the introduction of such strange restriction policy, to sum up, there are two reasons: first, in the early Han Dynasty land privatization is not obvious, the government does not want to appear in the annexation of land, so the government has limited the sale: "home, for if a man sells a house, no more." ("two years law? Family law") every country to your house or house, you can sell, but after the sale would not apply for allocation; on the other hand, limiting the purchase, "nothing more than the house, not allowed." Second, the need for management. The registration of population and property, with the very original "hands" and "turn" means. How many people live in the house, how much to live in the house, your own newspaper, which is called "hand real". What if you do not pay the head tax and property tax, reduce the population and the house? Not afraid to expose the government to encourage the neighbors, to expose the true, take you to jail, the confiscation of your property, half of property confiscated, half of the houses used to expose to your neighbor, for the purpose of reward, this is called "". Limit you can only buy the house next door, is to put you and your family fixed to a place, so that the neighbors to facilitate the report, the government is easy to manage. Into the Tang Dynasty, the policy has changed. During this period, the introduction of a continuous one thousand years of purchase of the policy, summed up in eight words, called "Qiutianwenshe, ask the neighbors". The provisions of the Tang Dynasty is this: "the world should be the county, home industry, and has the first sale." (Tang will be "Volume 85) means that the country regardless of which city, including land and real estate, want to sell, ask your relatives and neighbors do not buy. The provisions of the Five Dynasties more refined, the real time, ask the neighbors and people want to buy, if they do not want to, or the price is too low, you can sell it to other.相关的主题文章: