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Andouble Ganley accepting cash issues apology Ishihara Nobuko about his idea – Beijing, Beijing, 2 February, according to Japan’s Kyodo News reported that the Japanese House of Representatives plenary meeting in 2 days to replace the resignation of Amari served as economic regeneration play with Ishihara Nobuko on the economic application of political philosophy, the ruling and opposition parties to restart the Congressional debate. Prime Minister Abe Shinzo apologized for accepting cash problems Ganley said, "I have appointed as Prime Minister of the cabinet responsibility. I appointed to the cabinet by the substitution degree, it is the national." Democrat Nishimura Chinami Ganley was invited to attend the Congress agreed to request. Andouble said, "it’s a decision by Congress.". I think in the future will be to try to Ganli accountability." When Ishihara was listened to the idea of administration, he expressed his determination: "on the basis of Andouble’s economic achievements, we will further push forward the work of getting rid of deflation, economic rebirth and financial soundness."." He stressed the trans Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP): "want to maximize the benefits of this, to achieve a strong economic strength, and will strive to make the agreement as soon as possible."." I asked: is not directly involved in the TPP negotiations can Shiyuan reply in Congress as the cabinet full instructions? She pointed out that in the LDP presidential election in 2012, Ishihara was cautious about joining the TPP, and questioned the integration with the speech at that time.

安倍就甘利收受现金问题致歉 石原伸晃谈施政理念-中新网   中新网2月2日电 据日本共同社报道,日本众院在2日的全体会议上听取了接替辞职的甘利明出任经济再生担当相的石原伸晃关于经济的施政理念,朝野政党重启国会论战。   首相安倍晋三对甘利收受现金的问题致歉称,“我作为首相负有对阁僚的任命责任。由我任命的阁僚到了换人的地步,实在是对不住国民。”民主党员西村智奈美要求甘利答应受邀出席国会。   安倍对邀其出席国会表示:“这是要由国会决定的事情。我认为甘利今后也会切实尽到说明责任。”   石原在被听取施政理念时表达决心称:“在安倍经济学成果的基础上,将进一步推进摆脱通缩、经济重生及财政健全化工作。”他对跨太平洋伙伴关系协定(TPP)强调:“想最大限度地发挥由此带来的好处,达到强大的经济实力,为此将努力让协定早日生效。”   西村追问道:没有直接参与TPP谈判工作的石原能够在国会答辩中作为阁僚进行充分的说明吗?她指出在2012年的自民党总裁选举中石原对加入TPP谈判态度慎重,并质疑了与当时发言的整合性。相关的主题文章: