Apple registered in Hong Kong 8 trademark iPhone to come

Apple in Hong Kong registered trademark "8" iPhone 8 coming in September Apple has just released iPhone 77 Plus mobile phone, but after rumors iPhone released next year is the ten anniversary, apple is likely to skip the iPhone7s direct release of important models iPhone8. Apple is now registered in Hongkong, China, the color number 8 trademark, can not help but suspect that iPhone 8 really want to come? Yet not. Hongkong Intellectual Property Bureau recently released a special trademark patent applications submitted by apple, the trademark and patent numbers, and the digital modeling is very interesting, the whole looks like it is a color of Arabia digital "8". According to apple in its patent document description, including the "8" covered areas: computer, computer hardware, wearable computing hardware, handheld computer, tablet computer, telecommunications equipment and communication device, telephone, mobile phone, intelligent mobile phone, wireless communication equipment, network communication equipment, handheld digital electronic equipment, wearable digital electronic devices, wearable motion tracker, e-book reader, computer software, computer game software, Download Audio and video multimedia content, computer peripheral equipment etc.. But look carefully you will find the color part of the pattern is a little like the show ring fitness app Apple Watch, in the middle of the green pattern is a S, you are not wrong, you actually open the iPhone mobile phone fitness record, click the share function, you will find the answer. Although Apple was introduced in the flat design of iOS 7 before and after the application of the crazy trademark associated with the flat, but the arrival of the iPhone 8 will not be so fast.相关的主题文章: