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Quit-Smoking The good news for cigarette smokers is the availability of a cigarette type that does not produce smoke. This type is known as the electronic cigarette sometimes referred to as e-cigarette or smokeless cigarettes. This cigarette type has been proven to be the safest method of quitting smoking. Electronic cigarette smoking is the most secure and healthiest method of smoking the nicotine substance without emitting any smoke but rather a liquid nicotine vapor. The e- cigarettes do not contain any tobacco substances or any harmful toxins and can therefore be consumed without any fear. They are mostly used by the smokers who are in their process of quitting smoking. The electronic cigarettes have got several features and these include; lack of smelly breath, lack of yellow tints after smoking, lack carbon monoxide, lack of smoke production which can be harmful to the public. Many people may wonder how the electronic cigarettes assist in quitting smoking. The answer to this is very simple. The electronic cigarettes cartridges have different nicotine strength and flavor. There are regular, apple, strawberry, menthol flavored electronic cigarette cartridges. The nicotine strengths include; the medium, full and light. Due to these different nicotine strengths, the cigarette consumer can easily quit smoking by shifting from the full strength which has high nicotine content to the light strength which contains less nicotine content. The e-cigarettes can help you satisfy your nicotine craving without resulting to any cancer source causes that are so .mon with the real traditional cigarettes like the glue, hydrocarbons and tar. They are legal worldwide and can be smoked anywhere in public even in air planes, restaurants, bars and work places since unlike traditional cigarettes they do not emit any smoke. Smokeless cigarettes give you the .fort of fearless smoking since there is no harm to the people around you including your spouses. They are also very important ever since the regular cigarette smoking was banned in most states and provides to people especially those used to going for long haul flights without smoking the freedom of smoking in the air planes. The e-cigarettes are therefore the best cigarette smoking quit device and should be used frequently by all the people wishing to quit smoking. Although they are legal and can be smoked even in air planes some air planes though do not encourage them even though they arent harmful to the public, but because they can lead to influence of other people even the none smokers. When consuming the e- cigarette the users experience the same physical sensation as well as oral fixation as they would with the normal traditional cigarettes. In addition to this theyd also satisfy their nicotine cravings. When smoking the e-cigarettes you experience the feeling of your lungs being covered by a temperate flavored tobacco odor and when exhaled the smoke .es out the same way the traditional cigarette would, though, the smoke is usually a healthy nicotine water vapor that evaporates causing no harm to the public. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: