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"Aville and the fictional world": the world will be better if animals rule the human race? Editor’s note: "if you don’t want to sleep" or "can’t sleep", welcome to continue reading. There might be a piece of art, maybe there’s a horror film. I don’t know if you’re going to sleep, or you can’t sleep. Tonight, tell a story about a lizard couple who wanted to rule the world. Live steam punk era, science and technology is blocked in power before the invention; animal into a "fine" and with the earth mother’s dream, the human world is due to the scarcity of resources and increasingly for centralized government and the secret police take imagination. Such an animation, what color should be? Nature should be like the old European cartoon books, like the line thick black and dark color, and even the story itself should be heavy. But "Aville and the fictional world", this part from Jacques Tardi’s comic novel of the French film, by Christian Desmares and Franck Ekinci led the team for six years, not only the revival of the original Steampunk era, and contributed a strong girl scientists unusual, weird old scientist grandfather a scientist, parents have different opinions and their pursuit of the ideal of a great vitality, and scholar immortal cat. "Aville and the fictional world of these characters is rare" stills each one of them has the spirit of independence, even if the family can understand each other despite different opinions. The heroine is a replica of the brave girl in Hayao Miyazaki’s cartoons, that she is very beautiful, a flat nose and thick, nor elegant posture, but courageous, smart, do not hold "prince charming idea", both tolerant and open-minded, completely subvert the "custom animation gauge girl". "Aville and the fictional world stills" because of their presence, even if the story of the world green overhead exhausted, soot everywhere, wars and political pressure, but not triggered at any moment, make people very depressed. The famous independent studio Gkids in recent years because of the rapid rise of high-quality animation, this film is the latest product of their. "And the fictional world" stills Steampunk aesthetic is amazing Aville. In nineteenth Century, a stone house on the top of the mountain, a thick narrow stone road. The air is another scene – the huge dome shaped railway station, the steam launch of the cabin, the United States at this time to reach the peak of machinery. "Aville and the fictional world" stills "Aville and the fictional world" stills "Aville and the fictional world" stills "Aville world" stills and fiction reminds you of whether "doctor who" often appear in the scene, wandering between people and science and ignorance? The story of the film, as well as the mysterious doctor, because of an occasional historical events, and led to a completely different picture of the world today. In 1870, Napoleon III in the Franco Prussian War on the eve of the secret visit scientist Gustaf · Franklin, asked whether the study can make French soldiers with immortality of the mysterious potion. Unfortunately, Franklin’s research has not been successful, but produced a wonderful side effects: animals with human!相关的主题文章: