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Beijing prices Puzhang a half times southwest of Beijing "eleven" emergency room war from the beginning of the year on the high-profile "inventory", to purchase around now had to take measures to control prices, the real estate market this year is a stride forward singing militant songs. The population first-tier cities in Beijing, this situation is more obvious, the rings in the mansion completely, the ring is all kinds of restrictions may take emergency room around the room to grab the army. Data can best illustrate the problem, Xianghe hot region, Langfang, Zhuozhou, Dachang, Guan, Laishui and other areas around Beijing, the current price compared with the beginning, basically have doubled. However, in a hot market, the eastern part of Beijing, South and other regions have almost no room to sell the situation, developers can only do worry". As a result, there are still a lot of stock in the southwest area of Beijing, rob room war has staged. Reporters learned that in Huayin (Swan Lake (real estate information)) International Eco City project as the representative of the southwest of Beijing, the end of August has been unpopular emergency room situation. Ring Beijing prices six months earlier this year at the beginning of this year, Beijing’s real estate market is also shrouded in the doldrums at the end of the atmosphere, many experts and industry insiders are not optimistic about this year’s real estate market performance. Hot region north county of Yanjiao, the transaction price is below 20 thousand, Zhuozhou area prices are between 7000-8000. At the beginning of April to the market of the southwest of Beijing Laishui metro life supporting China silver city prices in around 4500 yuan per square meter. On the sidelines, the price is rising all the way around Beijing. The first is the Beijing municipal government Dongqian news from Tongzhou landing, favorable policies, housing prices in Yanjiao a few months has been to 30 thousand. Then, with the development of Beijing Tianjin Hebei collaborative comprehensive landing, Beijing’s non capital function and ease of foreign industry, population relocation began, Beijing home prices rose situation. Reporters recently hit plate found that the current housing prices in Zhuozhou in 15000 yuan square meters, Yongqing is close to 20 thousand yuan, the price in Guan is already more than 20 thousand yuan per square meter. Even this wave of selling trends are transmitted to Bazhou, Baoding and other regions. As mentioned above, in the early years of the April China Silver City, the current price is close to 8000 yuan per square meter, doubled. Southwest, a project developer recently told reporters that the eve of the national day of the marketing meeting, the company once again adjusted the sales price and sales target. Jingdong, there no room for reporters stepped on in the process also found that in the Beijing market a price and selling sound, Jingdong, etc. there are almost Jingnan area no room to sell the situation. The reason, on the one hand is inadequate housing, on the other hand is more and more stringent policy restrictions are coming. Wuqing, Yongqing and other regions, has always been more concerned about the regional investment, housing itself is not a lot of reserves, so the current housing is very tight. The North Langfang County, the regional restrictions are strict, five cards, residence, social security and tax years more stringent restrictions, in addition to itself as a hot area, are more easily affected by the media and government attention, so very cautious, some projects for nearly two months or even zero sales. Simultaneously.相关的主题文章: