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"Billy Lynn" the Taipei Premiere of Alvin admit to take out Ang Lee new entertainment Sohu – Interpretation of "Billy – Lynn’s midfield war" November 3rd Taipei premiere conference director Ang Lee film frame 120 impressions Sohu entertainment news "Billy – Lynn’s midfield war" following the November 2nd Premiere of the red carpet in Taipei station caused a sensation, but also in yesterday the film conference attracted hundreds of media gathered. Ang Lee director starring Joe – Alvin, and the media to share the story behind the film, for the audience to understand the hearts of the "- – the battle of the midfield," the curious about the "-" of the. The 120 frame shock effect of Taiwan professional actors no makeup makeup on "the" the "Billy Lynn" China tour Taipei midfielder was the first station to reporters, again by host Bowie Tseng chaired the red carpet ceremony last night, she said after watching the movie finally know to narrow the gap between the audience with the film director, "before the distance a more subjective movie.". Director Ang Lee explained: "at first, the audience may feel shocked and even surprised, as if being thrown on the battlefield, the senses are all open, adrenaline will soar. This technology is just the beginning, the future of the 120 frame format if the film can be popular, the audience will not have such a big impact." Whether the new actor, veteran actor or big actors must be in front of the camera to show makeup, makeup almost become a maintenance expert, director explained: "so the main actors have to do skin care treatment with anti allergy drug, because the skin can be seen through everything, including inner beauty, this is the makeup can not be achieved." While several big name actors are very complex, the director laughed and said: "like Van dessel is not showing emotional or fear, feeling that he respected me very seriously, want to show." All curious about how director Ang Lee chose van dissel will and Kristen Stewart. Ang Lee replied: "Van dissel is like a book to describe the role, in addition to shape anastomosis, like the role of parents. And when talking to him on the phone, when it comes to Philosophy and religion, there’s no stopping." "Kristen’s image is very suitable for Billy’s sister, she is my first choice. She invited to audition is a promise, two have full cooperation." Joe Alvin photographed filming Li Chun rockets exhausted challenge difficult plot Joe Alvin at the press conference to thank the director for his help: "there are a lot of features, one scene in the movie, the director will be very carefully about how to do this." Director Ang Lee also said Zanqiao – Alvin is acting: "Joe Alvin is very talented, just tell him my thoughts, collision role, stimulate him in a different way, he will make a corresponding change." Joe – Alvin also thanked the crew colleagues: "working with these professionals is a fantastic experience. We are exploring and creating new ways of filming, and we are very lucky to have this journey together. In fact, I often fear, for the first time in front of such a large camera acting, and the performance of the past is very different, make-up, lighting are very different. The most impressive thing is that there was a half show we went wrong.相关的主题文章: