Biotechnology sector listed assists, South Korea’s Samsung Group market capitalization of $300 billi noreply

Department of biological science and technology listed Samsung Group assists to break the $300 billion market value of Sohu technology [Technews] science news according to the Korea financial information provider WISEfn data show that the Samsung Group listed in the biotechnology sector, the group’s overall total market value has risen to 375 trillion and 520 billion won ($322 billion). The figure is about $97 billion 600 million higher than the market value of Alibaba group. As of 14 closing, Alibaba group in the NYSE market capitalization of $224 billion 400 million. In addition, compared with China’s Taiwan region’s highest market value of TSMC compared to TSMC’s market capitalization of more than 146 billion times the market value of $two. WISEfn pointed out, including the latest listing of Samsung, Samsung biologics, 15 of the group’s listed subsidiary, the weight of the total market capitalization of the Korean stock market composite index up to 29.07%, an increase of 1.25 percentage points compared with the end of October 27.82%. WISEfn said, in addition to Samsung biologics, Samsung shares back in the low temperature, but also for the Samsung Group’s total market capitalization increased made distinctions won in battle. At this stage, market investors are very interested in Samsung biological agents. After the first day of easy to rise 6.67%, the company’s share price continued to rise by up to 12.15% in the second trading day, closing price reached 161 thousand and 500 won. WISEfn further said that within two days of listing, foreign investors bought a total of about 200 billion won Samsung bio pharmaceutical stocks. As of November 11th, the market value of 10 trillion and 690 billion yuan Samsung biologics, won the Korea composite index company ranked the first place in the market value of Samsung’s Listed Companies in the top sixth companies in the top twenty-fifth. In this regard, some analysts welcomed the presence of Samsung’s dominance in the Korean stock market, said Samsung bio listed to enhance investor confidence in the Korean biotechnology industry. However, some analysts believe that the South Korean stock market is too dependent on Samsung expressed concern, especially before Samsung Electronics experience Galaxy Note 7 flagship smartphone experience. In October 12, 2016, Samsung Electronics announced that its flagship intelligent mobile phone Galaxy Note 7 due to continuous explosion of battery, finally announced the shutdown of the day after the stock opened immediately fell 8%, down 8 years, the biggest one-day decline in nearly $20 billion market value evaporated. As for Samsung Electronics Galaxy Note 7 after the sale, Samsung and parts manufacturers to reduce business interests fear of 1.5 to 2 trillion won. Samsung and supply chain accounts for about 13 of the market value of South Korea, making the whole event will be a serious blow to the stock market. However, with the listed Biotechnology Department of SamSung group, the group seems to have found another revenue growth point of application. In the field of biotechnology, the future is not to become another focus of Samsung Group相关的主题文章: