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Business In my capacity as the UK Director of Operations for One World Tours Limited, one of my jobs is to ensure every client has the best tour possible this time I have put together some hopefully helpful information about Russia and things to take in during your holiday to there. Because Russia is so huge, spreading across from Europe to Asia, it spans 11 different time zones. Since the Soviet Union has been dissolved, we have a brand new opportunity to explore the amazing choice of exciting and ancient cultures. These include the stunning imperial Russia of St. Petersburg to the timeless village life of Siberia. Modern Russia has become a nation of enormous diversity and tremendous vitality with its ancient cathedrals being ceaselessly restored and rebuilt. Russia is a country that is both enigmatic and alluring, a land of snow and freezing winters. In sharp contrast to this the country a midsummer sun that never sets making July and August the best time to visit as they are the warmest months of the year. May-June or September-early-October are the best times to visit if you wish to avoid the throngs of visitors however. Red Square is the most famous city square and is often considered the central square of Moscow and of all Russia. Moscow attractions include some of the following: Red Square is rich in history and there are plenty of opportunities to view some Russias stunning artwork depicted in many artworks. Some of them are painted by by Vasily Surikov, Konstantin Yuon, and others. Red Square is the number one market place in Russia and each of its magnificent buildings are famous in their own right. There are palaces, cathedrals, museums and of course the elaborate vibrant domed building of Saint Basil’s Cathedral. The Cathedral has suffered a great deal of damage over the years due to the weather and neglect. Fortunately the Millennium funds were allocated to restore its foundations and restore it to the magnificent sight we observe today. No where else in the world will you see such differing shapes and dazzling colours in one buildings exterior. Had I visited the Cathedral as a child it would have conjured up wonderful images of being in a fairytale. The Great Kremlin Palace is a unique example of Russian architecture with elements of various styles, from baroque to classicism which have been incorporated in the palaces interior and are still almost intact today. A wonderful place to visit and a place that brings to life all the ideas that you may have had about the country before your visit. The Kremlin Wall is the defence wall that surrounds the Moscow Kremlin, and what makes it so recognizable are the characteristic notches and its Kremlin towers which makes it one of the most symbolic constructions in the history of Russia. Standing by this structure makes for a highly memorable and thought provoking experience. Moving on to St Petersburg you will find the first building to be constructed in the city of St. Petersburg, The Peter and Paul Fortress which was built in 1703. The Fortress is the most popular tourist destination in St Petersburg. It has a gilded spire which is home to a weather vane depicting an Angel with a Cross. Apparently the locals have lovingly depicted this as a symbol over the years. St. Petersburg is known as the greenest of Russia’s major cities as it boasts an impressive list of over 200 parks and gardens. Here are just a sample of them: Leningrad zoo, the oldest known zoo in the world which is located by the Peter and Paul Fortress, Field of Mars, home to St Petersburg eternal flame, Alexander Garden which houses the musical fountain so called because of the way it reacts to music that is played in the park. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: