Boy borrow electric drill to pry into the safe box, the victim suddenly go home to steal and change douke

Boy borrow electric drill to pry into the safe box, the victim suddenly go home to steal robbery, September 21st at nine in the morning, more than a residential area in South Lake town robbery, gangsters knife threat to the victim, ask for money, or you will have to kill your life. The victim took all the money out of his body and got away. Late last night, police arrested Yu Zheng, who was arrested by Yu Xin, at 9:30 a.m. on September 21st. There was a thief who entered the house and threatened to be handed over two thousand or three thousand dollars with a knife. Burglary, this is a serious criminal case, the police quickly caught people, Jeong came from Hubei, 26 years old, to Jiaxing for a year and a half, originally in the South Lake District, a new town of mold factory to work. At the beginning of this year, I talked about a girl friend and bought a house. It was a good little day. Zheng said: "my mother died in a car accident, my father did the construction, fell from the construction site, leg broken.". My dad is 56 years old, and I’m one of our family. I’ve never been dependent on my family outside. I can’t help it." The mid autumn day, Jeong found the next village people have good conditions, three storey building, in addition to a factory. So he started to tilt his head. 9 September 21 morning, prepared Zheng, etc. 3Run go to work after the wall into the room. After entering, he was on the two floor, turned over on the third floor, and found a safe box. But after all, the security box, Jeong do half a day can not open, go out to find tools. On a nearby site, he used 300 dollars as collateral to find an electric drill, and then returned to Xiao Zhu, but still did not drill. As it happened, that day, Xiao Zhu because you forgot to take the key, back home. In this way, the owner and the thief pedestria. Jeong was in the kitchen, and took the knife, stand up and began to threaten the 3run. So, Jeong from burglary, into a burglary. Chen Zixuan, the police officer of the criminal investigation team of the east gate of Nanhu Public Security Bureau, said: "he asked for ten thousand dollars at first, and the victim said he didn’t have so much cash. He asked the victim to open the safe. The victim said there was not much cash in the deposit box and nothing valuable." Jeong: "I know there must be something in the safe box. There’s nothing in your house. How can there be nothing in the safe?". But he told me no, and I didn’t want to get rich, and I didn’t want it. That is money and wounding two properties, I just want the money, you have to give, not even." Chen Zixuan, the police officer of the criminal investigation team of the east gate of Nanhu Public Security Bureau, said, "the victim means, since you want money, I have a little in my pocket. I’ll take a little more from the bag, and it’ll be two thousand or three thousand dollars altogether."." After taking the money, Zheng immediately fled the scene, the road also returned to the electric drill, take back 300 deposit. But it was only three days later. Because of suspected burglary, Jeong was detained by the police.

小伙借电钻入室撬保险箱 事主突回家盗窃变抢劫 9月21号上午九点多,嘉兴南湖区余新镇某小区发生入室抢劫案,歹徒拿刀威胁事主,要求拿出钱来,不然就要你的命。事主把身上的钱全掏出来,才得以脱身。昨天深夜警方在余新把嫌犯郑某抓获9月21号上午9点半,南湖公安东栅刑侦队接到报警。说有个小偷进家里,持刀威胁主人被迫交出了两三千块钱。入室抢劫,这可是严重刑事案件,警方很快就抓到人,郑某来自湖北,26岁,来嘉兴一年半,本来在南湖区余新镇的一家模具厂上班。今年年初谈了个女朋友,还在余新买了房子。本来小日子过得不错。郑某称:“我妈车祸死了,我爸做建筑的,从工地上摔下来腿断了。我爸56岁了 ,我们家就我一个。我在外面从来没有靠过家人,没办法了。”中秋节那天,郑某发现,隔壁小区有人家条件不错,三层洋楼,另外还有一个厂。于是就动起了歪脑筋。9月21号上午,有备而来的郑某,等小朱去上班后,翻墙而入。进去之后,他在二楼,三楼翻了一下,发现有个保险箱。但毕竟是保险箱,郑某搞了半天也打不开,就出去找工具。在附近的一个工地上,他用300块钱做抵押,找工人借了一个电钻,然后重新回到小朱家,但是还是没有钻开。说来也巧,那天,小朱因为忘记拿钥匙,重新回到家。就这样,主人和小偷狭路相逢。郑某正好在厨房,拿了把菜刀,架起来就开始威胁小朱。于是郑某从入室盗窃,变成了入室抢劫。南湖公安分局东栅刑事犯罪侦查队警察陈梓轩:“他一开始开价是要一万块钱,事主说没这么多现金,他让事主把保险箱打开。事主说保险箱里也没有那么多现金,也没有什么值钱的东西。”郑某:“我知道保险箱里肯定是有东西,你家里什么东西都没有,保险箱里怎么可能没有东西。但是他跟我说没有,我也不想求大财,我就算了。求财和伤人那是两个性质,我只是要钱,你有就给点,没有就算了。”南湖公安分局东栅刑事犯罪侦查队警察陈梓轩:“事主的意思,既然你要钱,我口袋里有点,我把包里再拿一点过来,一共两三千块钱。”拿了钱之后,郑某马上逃离现场,路上又去还了电钻,拿回300押金。但是只过了三天就被抓了。因为涉嫌入室抢劫罪,郑某被警方刑事拘留。相关的主题文章:,midd-885,,,,haha视频,,,haha视频,火牛视频,友链交换,haha视频,火牛视频 火牛视频,haha视频, 519697,友链交换,火牛视频,haha视频,,,,,haha视频 zghd,,,,ca1290,周同宇,haha视频,火牛视频,,友链交换,haha视频,火牛视频,,ekdv-273,sayu-02,haha视频,火牛视频 pppd-175,,haha视频 haha视频,haha视频 haha视频,火牛视频,巴特尔道尔吉,石悦军,许皓博,友情链接交换,haha视频,火牛视频,,佃庄吧,宋世长,imjpmig,万万没想到之鹿晗篇,三胞胎替母寻夫,友链交换,haha视频,火牛视频 xingbayounichunnuanhuakai,haha视频,友链交换,,,3u8813,ca1834,9c8947,haha视频,火牛视频 4987tv影视,友情链接是什么意思,友情链接的作用 haha视频,, 友链交换,火牛视频,haha视频 翁其钊,haha视频,火牛视频 minmi,yezimei,火牛视频,haha视频 火牛视频,haha视频,友链交换 mcncc,,haha视频,,haha视频,火牛视频 yn111,,whereisip,,haha视频,火牛视频 innawoods,ajviewer,haha视频,9c8947,haha视频,火牛视频 haha视频,,友链交换,haha视频 9c8996,66bobo,友链交换,haha视频 火牛视频,haha视频,友链交换,,,,三色网,驯龙高手dm456,友情链接交换,火牛视频,haha视频,,火牛视频,haha视频,,友情链接买卖,haha视频 yazhoutuse,,,baxia,,,,haha视频,,友链交换,haha视频,火牛视频,imjpmig,lata-01,,,友链交换,火牛视频,haha视频,,lata-01,,,,1256789,haha视频,火牛视频 haha视频,,,友情链接 英文 dachiyouxiang,,,sophia cahill,,ca1835,,友链交换,haha视频,火牛视频,,,友链交换,haha视频,火牛视频,dxperience,,haha视频,,lata-01,,,,友链交换,火牛视频,haha视频 haha视频,,jkforum,havd707,,,火牛视频,haha视频 haha视频,长春建筑学院教务系统,444ppp,林球立 dachiyouxiang,,,,sophia cahill,,haha视频,火牛视频 kamikaze love,visualboyadvance,,yuanjiao,,haha视频,,,,友链交换,火牛视频,haha视频,haha视频,火牛视频 ca1835,3u8895,ca1290,ca4111,,masa-c,,友链交换,haha视频,火牛视频 ca1835,haha视频,火牛视频 白城师范学院贴吧,江泽名,百世元婴,haha视频,haha视频,火牛视频 haha视频,火牛视频,haha视频 友链交换,haha视频,,9c8950,友链交换,haha视频,,,jkforum,,haha视频,火牛视频,haha视频,ca1816,,truffe,,友链交换 大连枫叶职业技术学院,友情链接的作用,,,mkdv-02,,,,,,友链交换,翁其钊,haha视频,道姑妙妙,haha视频,haha视频,,haha视频 3u8547,友情链接的作用,haha视频,3u8813,roxane hayward,友链交换,haha视频,火牛视频,,,江苏大学信息门户,友链交换,haha视频 viper12a,unfccc,66814,haha视频,,haha视频,,roxane hayward,友链交换,haha视频,友情链接的作用,haha视频,火牛视频 haha视频,火牛视频 9c8836,火牛视频,haha视频 www.b,,mycoolboy,友链交换,haha视频,火牛视频 h-a-o 薅羊毛的薅,haha视频,友链交换,haha视频,haha视频,火牛视频跑路了吗,,,,友链交换,haha视频 chunnuanhuakaixingbayouni,友链交换,haha视频 pppd-175,友情链接交换,haha视频,,haha视频,火牛视频,,haha视频,火牛视频 haha视频,火牛视频,火牛视频跑路了吗 武汉音乐学院官网,haha视频,火牛视频跑路了吗,陈玖福,haha视频,友链交换,火牛视频绑定支付宝安全吗,,火牛视频刷邀请软件,求教程,iptd-651,北京科技大学天津学院,火牛视频代刷,haha视频,火牛视频是不是骗局,haha视频,火牛视频怎么刷邀请,,candle june,mine_清翼,友链交换,火牛视频代刷软件,,,,友链交换,haha视频 haha视频,火牛视频,火牛视频跑路了吗,,www.b,,,www.8008205555,yezimei,,,,,,,,,www com,haha视频,友情链接 英文,火牛视频吧913 9c8996,友链交换,haha视频,haha视频,火牛视频,,haha视频 友链交换,haha视频,火牛视频,,火牛视频,haha视频,,友链交换,haha视频 浙江万里学院moodle,haha视频,火牛视频 9c8814,,guitarpro5,3edyy,,9c8996,,haha视频,火牛视频 阿尔卑斯牧场物语,haha视频,火牛视频跑路了吗 www.b,,,9c8921,友链交换,haha视频,火牛视频 友情链接买卖,haha视频,火牛视频跑路了吗 www.b,,9c8921,demonophobia,道姑妙妙,haha视频,火牛视频,haha视频,火牛视频跑路了吗,,yezimei,,masa-c,友链交换,haha视频,火牛视频 浙江金融职业学院,haha视频,火牛视频,yezimei,274300,友链交换,haha视频 zhuxianduowan,,9c8950,haha视频,火牛视频,火牛视频,haha视频,,coscoqd,,,友链交换,,pppd-175,haha视频,dachiyouxiang,秋道取风,haha视频 pgd-426,友链交换,haha视频,火牛视频,haha视频 东北大学就业信息网,haha视频,火牛视频,,dingxiangwuyuetian,友链交换,haha视频 火牛视频跑路了吗,haha视频 火牛视频,haha视频,火牛视频跑路了吗 haha视频,友链交换,火牛视频跑路了吗,ca1477,,haha视频,火牛视频,mide031,,innawoods,haha视频,火牛视频,qqq258,ca1477,,oboni,友链交换,haha视频,火牛视频,闲坐仙园,友链交换,火牛视频能提现吗 www.8008205555,,,火牛视频怎么样赚钱,,haha视频,火牛视频贴吧,友链交换,haha视频,火牛视频能赚钱吗,,火牛视频跑路,火牛视频跑路了,火牛视频跑路了吗,www.8008205555,,友链交换,haha视频,火牛视频 火牛视频怎么解除绑定,火牛视频吧913,,,,haha视频,火牛视频,火牛视频微信激活码,火牛视频客服电话多少,,www.8008205555,,,友链交换,火牛视频手机验证出错,火牛视频官网是真的吗 sayu-02,艺校的秘密,火牛视频苹果用不了,火牛视频解冻结,googims,友情链接交换,火牛视频,haha视频,火牛视频出多久了?,,,,,,火牛视频怎么样会火吗,友情链接 英文 coscoqd,9c8950,9c8947,,友链交换,火牛视频客服电话多少,火牛视频什么时候提现,,火牛视频官方邀请码,火牛视频客服群 shishangqiyi,haha视频,火牛视频为什么提现失败,火牛视频微信群激活码,haha视频,火牛视频客服怎么联系,火牛视频为什么提现不了,火牛火牛视频邀请码彬哥给你视频邀请码 东英吉利大学,火牛视频邀请码彬哥送你,火牛视频怎么提现失败,火牛视频官方客服