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Can the site bike improve the performance of iron three? Professional players to answer the question of the bike can improve the performance of the three iron? Professional players to answer doubts as everyone knows, triathlon is outside the. So, on the bike project, the field of cycling training can improve the performance of iron three? To this end, the Canadian media on some of Canada’s best international rail three players interviewed. Canada’s winter is long and cold, and the risk of training outside the dark. To this end, the venue cycling training hall is always full of people. Not only have the bike in hand, but also a lot of iron three players also. Bicycles are becoming more and more popular in the professional training. They use a variety of training methods on the ground — from the speed and intensity training to the long distance lactate threshold training. Reporter Antoine de Roche interviewed 4 Canada iron three best players, and learned more bikes in their training experience in iron three. Xavier Grenier – Tara Vieira I think it helps me in technology, especially in the control of linear riding and braking conditions and in front of the players to keep distance. I do a set of training about three times a week in the field, and the shorter but more intensive training includes 1, 12, 40 minutes, 4 minutes, and 7 minutes. I really like to do this often, we are in Montreal (where I come from) on the lack of such a site. If the site can be one of our training sites, we will use it. Sarah – Anne – Buffalo as part of my training with the Wollongong City Wizards, we will be in the ground about 2 times a week of training. Last year a few weeks, we learn cycling rules and ride bicycle brake without these partner or around a small circle of rules. But now the team is well suited, which gives us a lift and learns some skills that can’t be learned on an ordinary road bike. Personally, I’m getting more and more comfortable on the bike. It forces you to move at different times, because you can’t get the perfect rhythm by adjusting the gears. We tried to replicate as close to the ground as possible during the road race. It may not be ideal for crazy sprints or anything else, but it reduces the risk of injury and makes things easier. We are not going to take part in the match, but we must learn these skills. We were lucky that Jamie had done a lot of work in the field, so he knew how to train us in the field and adapt it to the training of iron three. Taylor – Mi Slava Chuck in the past year we use the site for targeted training. Before I went to Abu Dhabi, I trained 2 times a week on the court – which allowed me to increase my legs before the first race of the year. Each training session is unique and has a very specific end goal. The technical and tactical ability on the ground is very different from the highway. I ride in a very similar situation so that I can know how to adjust a particular muscle in a road race. Alexis – Lepage I’m on the court every time)相关的主题文章: