Cangzhou man driving to Tangshan met with the same car license plate number are the same whereisip

Cangzhou man driving to Tangshan to meet with the car license plate number are the same even recently, a man in Cangzhou to work in Tangshan, accidentally discovered a car instead of driving the vehicle is very similar to the vehicle, a careful look at the car license as well as like as two peas. City traffic police detachment two brigade received reports, rushed to the scene, the deck vehicles seized. According to reports, the morning of 9 pm, a Cangzhou man driving to work in Tangshan, the North Polytechnic University Hospital (coal Fuyuan) parked in front of a car and driving the vehicle with the car, I saw two more, unexpectedly found that the suspension of the car license plate has its the license plate number. The man immediately stopped to confirm. Subsequently, it was seen before the Reed digital gate traffic police illegal parking, then stepped forward to report. Traffic Police Brigade two second team police rushed to the scene. See the vehicle deck with the original car appearance is almost as like as two peas. After verification, the police will be the vehicle deck to be withheld, dragged to the parking lot, and the ground shall be informed of the message, the car owner. After inspection, the car in addition to apply another motor vehicle license plate, no identification code. Currently, the case is being further processed.相关的主题文章: