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Cao Guoxiong & Wu Xiaobo: this time we will warm soft cultural investment in Sohu technology editor |B12 "actually an entrepreneur, or about survival, pay attention to a lot of evolution, transformation and evolution in order to seize the opportunity. In November 4th 2016, cultural consumption and Investment Forum closely reasoned and well argued was officially opened in Hangzhou. The event by the Hangzhou Municipal Office of cultural and creative industries, closely reasoned and well argued Anhui new media, sponsored by the fund, the Wu Xiaobo channel, capital, science and Technology Co Waterhouse Tencent. B12 "club" as the head of family members, witnessed the growth of closely reasoned and well argued. At the end of 2015 by Cao Guoxiong and Wu Xiaobo launched the VC, has invested more than 30 projects, including today’s headlines, like Himalaya content distribution platform, Han Han Ting Dong and Jia Zhangke pictures that head warm cultural content company, Wu Xiaobo channel, a video, eclipse mind reading, B12 ten this line from the media, music and sports, boxing star culture moment of such sports startups. The scene, founding partner Cao Guoxiong closely reasoned and well argued to share their creative investment experience, "in the field of culture, the talent is the most valuable asset, talent is the most deep moat, there is no network effects in the industry, so the pursuit of Unicorn investment thinking is not suitable in the cultural industry. "Wu Xiaobo" on the left and right of the capital and why suddenly mixed culture expressed their views together "phenomenon:" Chinese capital market appeared to track a very big change, the cultural industry profit is clear, the user perceived kind. "The following is Cao Guoxiong and Wu Xiaobo at the summit of the speech, the editor of B12, a deletion of enjoy~ Cao Guoxiong, today I don’t want to say what the capital of winter, because winter is not what the fund, have a lot of money, just voted out. I do not want to talk about what the industry bubble, the market is full of competition, the bubble is not terrible, the market will adjust. Today, I would like to start to say these four views: 1 cultural investment not to pursue the unicorn culture industry has a personalized, diverse features, its track is long enough and wide, the opportunity is always in the. The essence of entrepreneurial culture and entertainment industry is a kind of spirit in the provision of a product or service, they do not in connection, but in the production and creation, so this industry is the logic of "anti-monopoly", when you walk on the altar, it may be time you will be replaced by new king. A new generation of old people is the eternal law of the industry, whether you are Jackson or Madonna. 2 cultural investment should be warm and soft investment circles spread a sentence is: no anxiety disorder is not a good manual workers. To do investment is the physical strength, the fight is a strong psychological endurance. However, the cultural industry is a "soft" industry, it is the quality of the continuous content generation capacity, as well as innovative ways of operation. In this track, many times it is not hard, not even investors look to team benchmarking, love of the creation of the IP generation and storage.相关的主题文章: