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Charming scenery of Xiangxi, I went to Zhangjiajie to share the travel notes! Xiangxi – the charm of Zhangjiajie Tourism – when watching TV, the Xiangxi area is very beautiful. Mountain, is a beautiful stone peak, endless. The tree is the tree height of forest, meandering as show. So called, picturesque. Have the opportunity to come to Xiangxi to the beautiful scenery of Zhangjiajie tourism eye-opening together. Like Jiuzhaigou, dense mountain forest water clear, sitting in the car travel, can feel the attractive scenery in Zhangjiajie. In accordance with the arrangements for the tour, the first tour to Wulingyuan, night watch the performance of the charm of Xiangxi. Wulingyuan is a scenic spot in Zhangjiajie. Walk a step along the road to the BaoFeng lake. Take a boat, in the lake, the two sides of the peak shape. Under the guidance of the guide, to play seven minutes of imagination, indeed, a lot of landscape. Km high gorge Qifeng, waterfall, Cliff Road, let us linger. Just here to meet performance, the first part is the song and dance performances, the second part is the outdoor, by the local people performing magic gui. Indoor performance, is very happy, is happy. Only Xiangxi handler onto the stage, is particularly heavy. And my mother sent her son to fight against foreign invasion, but only the body. Under the command of the music, the actors give full play to their imagination and show the legend of terror. The outdoor performance is very shocking, is hell, GUI magic, blade; fire pit. Barefoot without injury; and hard Qigong, stone, three panels, plus six spectators, all let me wait for the audience, screaming, very sigh. As the saying goes, barren hills and turbulent rivers obstinate residents. Now, I want to say is that one side of soil and water conservation. Now Zhangjiajie is Xiangxi, with water varies to local became a tourist destination in the world aspire.相关的主题文章: