China Southern Airlines canceled 10 flights from Taipei airport due to strong typhoon-yezimei

Because of the strong typhoon China Southern Airlines canceled 10 classes Taipei Airport Flights by the No. sixteenth typhoon this year, "malakas" effect, as of September 17th 9:00, China Southern Airlines to cancel the decision today after 13:00 Taipei Airport Flights 10 classes, 13:00 before the flight out of Taipei normal execution. The cancellation of flights to Nanning – Taipei – Nanning (CZ3045 6), Shanghai Pudong – Taipei – Shanghai Pudong (CZ3095 6), Urumqi – Taipei – Urumqi (CZ639 40), Zhangjiajie – Taipei – Zhangjiajie (CZ3025 6), Guangzhou – Taipei – Guangzhou (CZ3097 8). For the early cancellation of flights, China Southern Airlines Customer Service Center, ticketing offices, sales agents will be notified by SMS, telephone, e-mail and other means to the affected passengers, and passengers will be properly refund or change service. Ticket agents through the passenger, you can contact the agent to obtain the latest flight information, refund or change. China Southern operations command department is closely watching the changes in the typhoon, timely adjustment of flight plans to ensure the safety of passenger travel. Please visit before the official website of China Southern Airlines or through the South China mobile phone APP, China Southern Airlines, WeChat or call customer service hotline 95539, overseas call: +86-4008695539 query flight dynamics.相关的主题文章: