China’s largest 24 universities Tsinghua University ranked only Sixth yezimei

China’s largest 24 universities, Tsinghua University ranked only sixth of each student, they hope that they can attend a university with a wide space, beautiful scenery, pleasant campus environment. In the study, can walk, feel the four view of Humanities in university life will be more abundant. There is a large campus, students will be more proud heart. Here is a list of the top 24 universities in China, to see how big they are. TOP24 Jilin Agricultural University covers an area of 1164000 square meters of Jilin Agricultural University, founded in 1948, is located in the city of Changchun Jingyue Tourism Economic Development Zone, covers an area of nearly 1500 hectares, is a related advantage discipline as the backbone, the comprehensive multidisciplinary coordinated development of Kasetsart University. Is the Ministry of agriculture and the Jilin province to build a provincial key university, is the first batch of Chinese has one of the institutions of higher learning, master’s degree granting bachelor, provincial colleges of Jilin province in 1993 to become the first to obtain a doctorate authorized unit of the University, one of the Midwest University Infrastructure project 100 key universities. After years of construction and development, has now become a melting, science, engineering, medicine, literature, management, law, teaching in one, multidisciplinary coordinated development of the comprehensive Kasetsart University. TOP23 Northeastern University covers an area of 1978569 square meters of Northeastern University (fractional line, professional setting) (Northeastern University) referred to as "East", located in the Northeast central city of Shenyang. In 1960, it was listed as one of the 64 key universities in china. The first approved by the State Council to grant a bachelor’s degree, master’s and doctoral degrees. In September 1998, Northeastern University from the metallurgy of colleges and universities transferred to universities directly under the Ministry of education. Is the first national "211 Project" and "985 Project" of colleges and universities, is the "2011 plan" and the "111 plan" and the "excellence" focus on the construction of famous universities, 32 colleges and universities to establish the graduate school, Graduate Enrollment of 34 autonomous universities are crossed, the Ministry of education, Liaoning Province, Shenyang city to build focus. TOP22 Hainan University covers an area of 1980000 square meters of Hainan University (scores, professional settings (abbreviation: HNU) English) is one of the national key universities of "211 Project", Hainan Province, the Ministry of education and the Ministry of finance to build a comprehensive university, national key comprehensive university, the national "2011 program" collaborative innovation of university. National excellent engineer education and training program, the first batch of national excellent legal talents education and training program. It is one of the 14 colleges and universities to improve the overall strength of the central and Western universities. Hainan province is the only national key disciplines, has a doctorate authorization, post doctoral workstations, recommend postgraduate qualifications in Colleges and universities. TOP21 Wuhan University covers an area of 2000000 square meters of Wuhan University (fractional line, professional settings) is the Ministry of education, People’s Republic of China相关的主题文章: