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Chinese and foreign experts on Tibet Tourism Standardization Construction – Beijing Beijing in September 13 Lhasa Xinhua (reporter Chen Taobin) China Tibet Tourism Forum held in Lhasa on 13, more than 300 participants and foreign experts, industry representatives said, as Tibet will become an important tourist destination in the world, Tibet tourism must further enhance the software "the implementation of tourism services standardization construction. Tibet has the world’s "third pole", said the rich and unique tourism resources, the Chinese and foreign tourists have a strong appeal. In recent years, the tourism industry has gradually become the pillar industry of Tibet’s economic development. The National Tourism Administration supervision department director Chinese assistant Liu Zhihuai said in his speech, the international and domestic, a recognized fact is that the National Tourism Standardization Construction and tourism industry in developed countries, "which is the internal requirement and inevitable development of tourism in Tibet autonomous region of the road." He introduced the implementation of Tourism Standardization Construction of the starting point and the end result is to regulate market behavior, improve service quality, ensure the sustained and healthy development of the tourism industry. The face of China’s economic development opportunities and challenges under the new normal tourism market is entering a structural adjustment, upgrading of the fast lane. "Tibet has a world-class tourism resources, but also a good horse with a good saddle, with the world’s standard service system." Wang Songping, deputy director of the Tibet autonomous region tourism development committee. French tourism training and mountaineering expert Maria in the Qinghai Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture of Yushu Nomad project as an example, proposed to build a sustainable development in the local economy and the combination of the commercial system to participate effectively in the Tibet autonomous region of the outdoor activities and tourism to. Around the tourism standardization construction, Ctrip to the relevant person in charge of concept of "Internet + Tibet" tourism destination integrated service, Ctrip said that in the future Tibet will build a one-stop marketing platform, and gradually realize the strategic goal of Tibet famous tourist destination. "Through the discussion of the Chinese and foreign experts, ‘to bring training’, so that we achieve in the market in the main body of the standardization of the construction of perception and awareness, and thus increase the awareness of action." Wang Songping said. It is understood that this year, Tibet has been scheduled for 2016 Tibet tourism service standardization construction, efforts to enhance the level of service and capacity of the tourism industry. Referring to the world, "the national standard, the key is to make the landing," butter flavor "is more concentrated, so that foreign tourists to get the best security services and tourism in Tibet." Wang Songping said that the current Tibet tourism standardization has been implemented for half a year, and to create a number of fine tourist routes, from recognizing the action of these two steps, we have all achieved the purpose. The next stage is to check, acceptance, rating, this stage is expected to be completed in 9 and October of this year." (end)相关的主题文章: