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Chinese finance society member Jia Kang for disciplinary accountability under the original title: the Ministry of Finance held a warning education conference in August 18, 2016 the construction of a clean government, the Ministry of Finance held a clean government warning education meeting, party secretary, Secretary Lou Jiwei attended the meeting and made a speech. The meeting, broadcast according to the warning education discipline violations occurred within the Department of Chen Zhubing, Yao Jinsong and Zhang Rui made the analogy with things around them around, warning education, Party members and cadres, warning. Party members, the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection in the Ministry of finance discipline inspection team leader Mo Jiancheng informed the 8 cases of violation of the provisions of the central spirit of the investigation and punishment of the situation of the eight. Among them, Chinese County Finance Economic Research Institute of Finance under the Specialized Committee vice chairman and Secretary General Cheng Yongkang illegal Tourism Organization of public funds, using public funds to buy souvenirs, illegal payment of service charges, given one year probation sanction, removed from his position, the committee vice chairman Jia Kang, chairman Jia Jie accountable, given the party warning China disposition; accounting report, editorial director Chen Qinghua, assistant director of Li Jing in the work of the forum, in violation of provided by the sponsors of the tour activities, give Chen Qinghua party a serious warning, Li Jing party warning, Hu Xingguo is in charge of the leadership accountable, given the party warning, pursue the relevant personnel shall be personally liable for the cost of two; a China CPA Association sent delegations abroad a total of 4 people (3 of whom are members of the Association Non national public servants), illegal to change the itinerary of a country, the extended stay, the association in charge of foreign affairs leadership team members, the Commission Secretary Yang Chenhui accountable, to give the party a serious warning (to the discipline committee committee approval), relevant personnel by the commandment Mian talk; vice president of Chinese financial and Economic Publishing House Wang Jianmin. The use of public funds to purchase the camera as a gift, repeatedly borrow business related people Benz, traffic violations receive subsidies given one year probation sanction, revocation of the deputy director Cai Qiang, deputy director of tax administration; the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection discipline inspection group in the Ministry of Finance deputy bureau level disciplinary inspectors Li Li illegal to attend banquets, some in private clubs and high-end consumer place, to give Cai Qiang party warning, Li Li party warning. Lou Jiwei pointed out that the anti-corruption work is an important content of comprehensive strictly, the importance and urgency of the party organizations at all levels should have a profound understanding of the comprehensive strictly, further efforts in the "strict", "strict" throughout all aspects of Party building. To further enhance the party consciousness, the overall responsibility, strictly implement the main responsibility, by compaction, layers of conductive pressure. To seriously carry out the party’s political life, focus on solving outstanding problems. The discipline construction in a more prominent position, each unit party secretary to take the lead in adherence to the "six discipline", continue to carry out the discipline education, build a strong ideological basis of self-discipline. To comprehensively promote the construction of internal control system, accelerate the improvement of internal control system, to further clarify the risk points, strengthen internal process control, timely plug loopholes. Lou Jiwei stressed that the party organizations and cadres at all levels must strengthen the implementation of a comprehensive strictly required a sense of responsibility and urgency相关的主题文章: