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Medicine In 2012, Chinese plant extracts exports have a good start in the first quarter. The import and export volume is about $ 310 million with an increase of 46.4%. Among them, exports value is $ 270 million with an increase of 53.4 percent, accounting for 48.4 percent of merchandise exports of traditional Chinese medicine. The proportion of plant extracts gradually increases in the traditional Chinese medicine exports. The good news makes the plant extract exports showed strong growth. It is expected that export of plant extracts will hit a new record in full-year. In 1995, there are companies engaged in the plant extract. They know well about the industry development trend. In recent years, the plant extracts of traditional export markets to enter the stage of steady development, the annual rate of about 5%, emerging markets such as Spain, Mexico, plant extracts, especially the demand of the natural pigment, the EU market demand for natural pigments even based on the average 35% increase in the rapid growth in these markets, driven by the export of plant extracts to maintain a good development trend. Some companies continue to do traditional markets while also make great efforts in developing new pharmaceutical raw materials markets. The diversification of the market ensures sustainable development of enterprises. In previous years, exports to Japan accounted for 60% of the total exports in Japan hit by earthquake tsunami disaster in recent years, the decline in exports to Japan, but negative change for the power, and actively explore other markets, is now in South Korea, Malaysia, Thailand of sales has been a turnaround, the next step will be efforts to develop the health drinks market in China. The capsule of the Chinese company’s exports more than 40 countries and regions around the world, of which 80% of the exports to the United States, 10% export to Europe, the company plans to market in Vietnam, Bangladesh, Ukraine, through local sales channels the company’s brand products. Third-rate companies to make products, second-rate brand companies do first-class standards of business done, this sentence has long been the industry regarded as the bible. Hope that through participation in the development of product standards to promote the development of the industry, and has made some achievements. Involved in developing the lycopene national standards has entered the stage of publicity, and will be promulgated and implemented next year. With the increasingly competitive business, the only way for enterprises to seek development is the competitive differentiation. Through the development of new technology, plant extract supplier can have a new road in deep processing of bee products. Due to many pollen manufacturing enterprises, there are fewer benefits in export process. However, the export profits of the active pollen peptides can reach 40%. The researchers will continue to explore deep processing of the bee. Source:..cospcn.. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: