Chongqing hot summer resort in Wansheng tourism Sohu – Ordovician dream

Chongqing hot summer resort in summer of Wansheng dream – Sohu since Ordovician tourism, Chongqing scored the sun grace under the mode of "Chongqing barbecue barbecue", you cooked? This summer, Chongqing where summer? Reporters today to the public a friend recommended a summer resort – Chongqing Wansheng dream ordovician! The dream theme park is located in Wansheng Montenegro, driving 1 hours drive from the city, 1300 meters above sea level, the average summer temperature of 23 degrees. Here not only has the appropriate temperature, full of negative oxygen ions in the primeval forest, a wild profusion of vegetation 500 million years stone fossils, more important is to stimulate and challenge the seven high altitude project! This year, the dream theme park free admission fees, in this low threshold operation mode, tourists experience have more right to choose, to attract many tourists to visit the city. The park is in the original five hundred million years geological wonders, science fiction, children’s DreamWorks Happy Valley area on the basis of the new building by the cloud covered bridges, glass bridge, swing, high cliff walk, leap, startling step by step and limit high altitude limit of seven swing bridge composed of high altitude challenge project stimulating experience area. The upper limit challenge project completion, meet the thrill seeking tourists, become a city of high altitude project experience gathered, the park has become by far the most exciting high poly theme park project. It is understood that the Wansheng the first feeling is finally climbed out from the furnace, no longer wet play. There were huge crowds of people. In the summer, people have special skills to find a summer resort, from all sides came to the dream of the. The degree of popular extraordinary dream, whether it is the major project altitude stimulus or cliff camping area surprise, did not come here to dispel people’s enthusiasm, all with the summer or the pursuit of stimulation purposes here, the Ordovician in Wansheng will never let you down. Reporters after the swim Wansheng Ordovician, can say is definitely not negative this day tired and crowded, there is absolutely no negative you give up air conditioning here, is the so-called seeing is believing, the Wansheng welcome your arrival.相关的主题文章: